MP3DP CoreXY serial number log V3-V4

Tony, was your file something sharable like an Inkscape file, or should I try my hand at something?

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I think I did part in fusion and part in inkscape. I’ll doctor it up and share it.


hmmmm…milled aluminum plate sounds nice and fancy… And I have some aluminum that’s not the right size for anything I need anyways LOL


Here we go. SVG and Fusion Archive. The text is Impact, so if you don’t have it installed you’ll want to get it. I included my Fusion setup, but of course, you’ll want to make sure it does what you want. I didn’t actually use that one, I used a copy of it and haven’t done anything to proof THIS copy.
Repeat (368.7 KB)

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So this…

or this…


First one


Here is number 12!

E3D Hemera hotend
SKR Pro v1.2 with 2209 drivers
750W AC heated bed 1/4" aluminum plate with magnetic build plate
Project Started April 4, 2023
First Print May 12, 2023



I was going to set mine up as a test run in some acrylic before I cut my big panels out for the printer. It seems that the logo got messed up somewhere between Fusion and Estlcam. Should I try to reimport the logo into fusion and resave the DXF or should I try and just insert it into estlcam and place it there?

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Probably easier to insert into estlcam and combine it there, Logo Files – V1 Engineering Inc

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I tried that but couldn’t get just the one logo. they all had to move together and it got too complicated lol. So I reopened it in fusion and it looked great. After the 4th time I messed around and saved it again it came over perfect. IDK what the issue was but I got it now. Thanks!


Okay then, if you’re just giving away serial numbers, I’m rocking… :metal: 13 :metal:

My MP3DP v4 Repeat Voron Λ.ʌ.ron flavored build journey.

Usable : 250x250x250
Software: MainSail OS, Klipper. Used Kaiuh, so have Octoprint and Fluidd too. 3.5" resistive touch display for Pi, runs KlipperScreen.
Controller : BTT Octopus v1.1, Pi4
CanBus-Expansion : BTT EBB36-v1.2 (includes ADXL345)
Extruder-HotEnd : BIQU H2 V2S Revo Extruder
Probe : ANTCLABS BLTouch v3.1
Frame : Alu Extrusion, Polycarbonate, sheet metal and plywood panels.
Heated Bed: 120V 500W Heated Bed
Started: Idea first seeded Aug '22 when printing beta Swiss Z post. Started building ~23-03-13.
Finished: When I am.

Update: Less turdy 100mm calibration crown print… This was with PEI curled up since I haven’t bothered to stick down magnet layer yet, hence the floater… Was mistakenly using bowden retraction settings and other Ender settings. I need to create a separate printer profile… (171.1 KB)