Milling in layers

A couple of years ago I joined a musical group. This year our group wil perform Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat. This year i’m not playing, but one of the set-builders (hope this is the right English word). We want to build a large sphinx, which i want to make on my MPCNC. I downloaded an STL from thingiverse and enlarged it and cut away the pieces that I don’t need. It is far to big to fit in/under my mpcnc, so i want to cut up/slice/whatever the STL in pieces of 4-5 cm thick (approximately 1.5-2"), but I don’t know how to do that. I want to mill layers out of styrofoam and glue them together.

Is there anyone that can explain a -preferabely- simple method to do so?

When one wants to try I have the STL here sphinx stl

Thanks in advance!

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I’ve never done that. It sounds like a fun project. I did some short googling, and it looks like netfabb has a SLICE function that sounds like what you need. You need to slice an STL into 2D planes. That’s about what I googled, but I didn’t find anything too helpful.

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Thank you for your answers. The step-by-step tutorial seems to work, only is fusion360 “closing unexpectedly” time after time. I managed to cut it into 16 pieces so far :slight_smile:
Work in progress!

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Looks like Slicer for fusion 360 can run by itself. It is what replaced 123d make, which would do this perfectly.

I watched a YT video about slicer, it looks promising!

I ended up slicing by hand in fusion360. The first pieces are milled now. I deliberately only used the roughing function of ESTLCAM, I like the effect as much as the director oy the musical does :slight_smile:

TIme to move on to the next layer! 4 Layers to go for the face of Nefertiti (not a sfinx anymore)


That looks great so far. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

still work in progress

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Just have to touch up the top of the hat and paint a little… Could/should have used 2sided milling…


Please count to about 2,384 when the newbie tries to spraypaint the foam. Unless the jury is all theater tech/artists/miniature gamers, it won’t be considered justified…