Finally some dust -LR3 ESTLCAM-

It has taken quite a while, but today (techically yesterday, cause it’s just after midnight over here) I finally managed to make some dust with my new lowrider v3, with open-cnc-shield V1 and controlled by ESTLCAM. I’m quite impressed with the workflow with my pendant. Now I have to do some cable management for the lowrider, than i can take some pictures or a video… Otherwise @Tokoloshe will complain again :wink:.

it’s a pillory for the musical Shrek. I still have to make a dragon for it… Head has to be arount 2 metres from nose to neck. I have to see if I can repeat milling in layers / made in slices again

(Dragon without teeth eyes and eylashes)

Every time I see pictures of my mancave, i think I have some cleaning to do…

/edit added “made in slices”


Why would I complain? Did you see my cable management? There’s a reason my front is solid. :sweat_smile:

And why are you building a guillotine? :yum:

/Edit: I see I did make a remark earlier. Whoops. And I can now see it’s going to be a dragon. :slightly_smiling_face:


No guillotine: pillory.

There is a torture table though for Gingerbread Man (or women in our case)


BDSM stuff

Not my style of BDSM

The hubs of the wheels were also made with the MPCNC


in use…