Finally some dust -LR3 ESTLCAM-

It has taken quite a while, but today (techically yesterday, cause it’s just after midnight over here) I finally managed to make some dust with my new lowrider v3, with open-cnc-shield V1 and controlled by ESTLCAM. I’m quite impressed with the workflow with my pendant. Now I have to do some cable management for the lowrider, than i can take some pictures or a video… Otherwise @Tokoloshe will complain again :wink:.

it’s a pillory for the musical Shrek. I still have to make a dragon for it… Head has to be arount 2 metres from nose to neck. I have to see if I can repeat milling in layers / made in slices again

(Dragon without teeth eyes and eylashes)

Every time I see pictures of my mancave, i think I have some cleaning to do…

/edit added “made in slices”


Why would I complain? Did you see my cable management? There’s a reason my front is solid. :sweat_smile:

And why are you building a guillotine? :yum:

/Edit: I see I did make a remark earlier. Whoops. And I can now see it’s going to be a dragon. :slightly_smiling_face:


No guillotine: pillory.

There is a torture table though for Gingerbread Man (or women in our case)

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