Pendant for my opencnc shield

A time ago I built an open-cnc-shield (OPEN-CNC-Shield EN - Timos Werkstatt) version 1 (the one @Tokoloshe has is a version 2). Because my 3-d printer needed a new controller, the SKR PRO 1.2 was taken of the lowrider-3 and put on the printer. That was a nice opportunity to use the open-cnc-shield I built last year. I also built a pendant for it so I can move it by hand easily. All is controlled by ESTLCAM directly. It even has a possibility to use autosquare, going around this feature non-existing in ESTLCAM.

and a little time later the joystick also works

I can’t get the videos to play. try this instead:


It’s good to see your cabling is even messier than mine. :smile: But I am really jealous of your pendant. :heart:

At the moment the USB cable and I have a discussion about it not liking me turning on the router or side channel blower and giving out the USB error. Haven’t had the problem with the Primo, but now the cables are closer to each other.

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That’s not a mess, it’s art!

Since your are Dutch I am just going to assume you smoked a bowl before declaring that art. :yum::joy:

No smoking… Just a matter of taste i suppose.