LR2-LR3 The Longest Conversion (AUS)

That has to suck. Start feeling better and too easily over do it I suppose. Take it is easy, try to slowly get back to some normalcy. Set backs can be super frustrating, especially in terms of health.

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Well, I’m trying to put my LR3 and CAM head on and it’s not as easy as I thought - I finally threw out a big box of “leftover bits” including the LR2 and have discovered that the Makita Vac Mount (Lower) is MIA.

I was going to make a new modified version anyway - so I guess that’s my tomorrow!

In the meantime - here’s my puzzle of the day…

So sorry for the setback. Will continue praying for you.

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There have been a couple of posts of late regarding dust enclosures.

I’ve been reluctant to post this because it’s not finished and it’s probably not going to get built in the short term, but it might inspire someone into action. Here’s my “starfighter cockpit” enclosure.

The end panels are obviously cnc cut - my plan was to form the "bows from 6mm ply, half lapped over the stringers, then stretch clear plastic over the lot, very much inspired by Platt Montfords Geodesic Aerolite boats with a couple of covers over the sides to tidy it all up.

The holes in the end are for dust extraction - there should be plenty of inlet air through the vac hose slot in the table. This is most of the reason that the table has the form that it has.


Progress on the revised Makita vac pickup -
The objectives -
To reduce the footprint of the current standard setup (and Doug’s) version.
To simplify it generally (two printed parts - the snap-in skirt setup is not yet done)
To help the router run cooler by improving airflow from its exhaust.
To improve fine dust pickup.

I can tick the first box, am confident that the second will be OK and the others will have to wait for proper testing, but if looks are anything to go by, I’m optimistic.