LowRider v3 - table extenders to use LR2 table (with metal struts) with LR3 - endstop/tensioner supports



I upgraded my LowRider v2 to LowRider v3. Normally this means a wider table is needed if you want to maintain the same cutting area. However, if you have metal struts on your LowRider 2 table, then you can add these “end-caps” I designed in order to widen your table’s “reach” and thus use your existing table without widening it. With these extenders I can still cut 49" x 97" MDF sheets.

The original V1 Engineering LowRider 3 tensioner bases and tensioner mounts attach directly to these. Caveat: the original V1 Engineering LowRider 3 tensioner bases have holes intended for slightly thinner screws, and I drilled them out to accept M5.

There are nut capture slots on the bottom sides of each, which accept two M5 nuts per corner, and then you can attach the tensioner bases to these.

My LowRider v3 upgrade process is detailed on the V1 Engineering forum here: On upgrade path: LR2 -> LR3, Clarksburg, WV, USA

You want these strong, not so much to avoid breaking but primarily to avoid flexing. I printed these with 1.8mm thick walls, which is the equivalent of 4 ½ perimeter walls —if using a 0.4 nozzle at normal settings. I do only 3 walls and have it be as thick as 4.5 walls, because I print with walls that are 0.6mm thick instead of 0.4mm thick. Stock 0.4 nozzles can handle this if your extruder can keep up. I have two printers with 0.6 nozzles and several others with 0.4 nozzles. I run them all at 0.3mm layer height and 0.6mm wall thickness.

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Looks like I might need to do something similar to my table - Could you tell me the dimensions for the metal strut, I’m assuming it’s the standard ‘unistrut’ we have in New Zealand.

I bought generic Unistrut (same type product as Unistrut, but not that brand).

Below are links to the type of product I bought (one link is the name brand, even though I did not buy it).