LowRider v3 - Makita 700 Series Mount & removable dust shoe - REMIXED FOR 2.5" HOSE (v1.1)

UPDATE (as of June 11, 2022):

This edited version 1.1 has a narrower footprint so its width is barely wider than the original, which should eliminate any chance that LR3 builders using this remix will have any issue with contact between the dust shoe and side assembly parts.



This remix is so that a 2.5" vacuum hose fits and can be attached to the LowRider 3 (instead of ~48mm as in the original parts).

I worked hard to match the style and function of Ryan’s excellent original work, with only the needed change of hose size.

Also, I now have available an accompanying remix: LowRider 3 - hose-hanger modified for 2.5" vac hose - If you plan on using this, you may also want to use that.

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Printing is just as with the original (quoting Ryan):

"Print at 30%+ infill…. Vacuum hose gets a cable tie on the upper tool mount and one to the top of the core. It can take a bit of muscle to get the hose zipped in initially but it will soon conform to the curves and stay planted. The lower dust shoe is a snap on and off design that lets you easily change tools and get to the collet. Two Tool mount prints, one of each Top and Lower.”


Q: Did the Tool Mount “ring” get changed from the original?
A: Yes. All three parts underwent changes in the remix. If you look closely at the Tool Mount, you will see that the portion that the hose zip ties to is protruding from a different position on the ring, and the curvature of the protrusion is edited to fit the larger diameter of the 2.5" hose.

Q: Do I still need to print two of the Tool Mount “rings” like with Ryan’s V1 original?
A: Yes. As mentioned above, quoting Ryan, “Two Tool mount prints, one of each Top and Lower.”

Q: What inside diameter (ID) is the opening (hose port)? What outside diameter (OD) of hose end will fit?
A: The opening (hose port) is 62mm (ID). My Vacmaster shop vac hose (nominally 2.5") is approximately 61.75mm and fits perfectly. The actual conversion of 2.5" to millimeters is 63.5mm. Actual dimensions of hoses vary by brand. Measure yours first to know for sure. You may need to remix this to make it fit your hose, or design an adapter for it.


Hey @DougJoseph, thanks again for sharing this and so many other mods.

Nice Mod!

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