LowRider 3 CNC - control box case for BTT SKR Pro 1.2 board and a BTT TFT35 E3 touchscreen (v1.2)

If you print the new one, please let me know if the placement of the new opening is proper.

Also, please consider posting your “make” on Printables. :slight_smile:

Hi Doug, I am sorry for the delay.
I am using the E3 version.

Thanks for the redesign, I’ll give it a go soon and will report back. Unfortunately I do not have a Printables account. I rarely use the 3D printer :slight_smile: But will give an update!

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Doug, thanks so much for the time you’ve put into this! I went to print it and had the unfortunate realization that it is too tall for my Prusa Mini. Would it be possible to have a no-fan version? It needs to be no taller than 180mm to work, and it appears that losing the fans would give it enough room.

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There is actually 35mm of clearance inside the case to play with. There’s 26.1 mm between the fans and the SKR board, and 8.9 mm of clearance between the far edge of the SKR board and the end of the case (on the side away from the fans). I think I could get your shorter design without getting rid of the fans, and if it turned out to be too tight, you could simply leave out the fans but still have the holes. See screen shots for clearances I mean.


Here is a screen shot of a shortened version of the base. Between the fans and the SKR board, instead of 26.1 mm, there is 13.5 mm, and in between the end of the SKR and end of the case, instead of 8.9 mm of clearance, there is 4 mm of clearance. This gets total length to 180mm. Think this will work?

That’s precisely the max build height, so sounds like it! I can throw it in the slicer to make sure that doesn’t complain first, then can attempt a print. Out of curiosity, what size screws are you using for it?

I think the screw sizes are explained in the v1.2 listing, or maybe the parent of that remix. Check the description here: Printables

OK, I have published the new remix with the shorter base and lid!

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Please report back if it works, and consider posting the “make” on Printables.

LowRider 3 CNC - control box case for BTT SKR Pro 1.2 board and a BTT TFT35 E3 touchscreen (v1.3.4) SHORTER VERSION (180mm) FOR SHORTER PRINTERS


I do not see the 1/4" strut version, did it not get remixed into shorter or just forget to zip it into the package?

Sometimes when someone comes to me, asking for a special remix to fit their case/scenario, and I comply and remix for them, I may fail to remix every single aspect. In this case (of the version for shorter printers), I did not do two bases. For what it’s worth, the one I show as “1/8 inch” has the same gap on the hanger as Ryan’s original, which was supposed to support either 1/8" or 1/4" — I personally had a challenge trying to get it slid onto 1/4" but it’s supposed to be doable. The remixes where I did two bases, had the one listed for 1/4" having a gap quite a bit wider than 1/4". If you are needing both the “one for shorter printers” and having it with a wider gap, I can try to get to that, but I’m very swamped at the moment so I would likely need a reminder after a few days!

No worries, just making sure I wasn’t overlooking something. I appreciate all you’ve done.

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Hi Doug!

Really like this box for a controller and the one with extra space for optional board like the raspberry!

Have a wish though, considering is quite a few out there who owns the Bigtreetech SKR v1.x variants.

Therefore wondering if possible you could add mounts so the SKR’s also will fit in this controlbox.

Here is the dimensions for those boards.

Best regards /JB

Will aim to try to help with the SKR 1.x boards…

LowRider 3 CNC - control box case for BTT SKR 1.4 Turbo board, Raspberry Pi 4b, and BTT TFT35 E3 touchscreen (v1.3.5)

“This remix was requested by Stefan Raatz , who desired a case for holding an SKR 1.4 Turbo (instead of SKR 1.2 Pro), as well as a Raspberry Pi 4 model B. I’m not aware of him having printed this remix yet, so consider it untested for now. UPDATE Sept 25, 2022: Stefan has printed it, and found a collision between the lid and the standoffs on the base for the SKR. I’m working with him to get a solution posted.

Just a quiet wonder about t his problem if it’s solved?

Thx in advance

Wow, I got busy and this slipped my mind. I will try to revisit it now.

UPDATE Nov 14, 2022: I finally remembered to edit the base and lid to address the collision with the standoffs that Stefan found. Uploaded new “v1.3.5b” of both base and lid.


Very nice! Big thx Doug!

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Hey, did you happen to find something I had already done that met this need, or do I still need to create something?

So, I just checked the dimensions you supplied, and compared to the board size in the remix you just replied about (LowRider 3 CNC - control box case for BTT SKR 1.4 Turbo board, Raspberry Pi 4b, and BTT TFT35 E3 touchscreen (v1.3.5b)), and it seems to match as the right size. So does that mean you are good with that one? I don’t still need to do another remix?

Yes the boardsize and the pinout for the Skr 1.x is the same. For now I can’t figure out anything that I have a need of, but things might change in the future.
I will certainly know when I’ve printed and tried it.
Thx for your help.

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