Litle Beast

Hello, my name is Markus and I live in Austria. I have been pursuing the hobby of 3D printing, CO2 laser and CNC milling for many years now and I have somehow always strived for the final development. My MPCNC has been finished for 6 months now. As far as possible, I had all the printed parts made of aluminum recreated and I also moved away from the 608 bearings to linear bearings in order to achieve freedom from play. Instead of the tubes, I use 25 mm finely ground steel shafts from specialist retailers. I use a ball screw as the z spindle. The belts have a width of 15mm and 90mm steppers work on all axes with a maximum load of 2.8A. I use a Mafell 1000 watt as the milling motor. Everything is controlled via the Skr Pro Board in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi 4 via octoprint.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

Greetings from Austria


A fascinating machine! It looks sturdy. But - Is it really a MPCNC? No critique or offense meant at all. It’s just that when I hear MPCNC I picture something printed :smiley: What is the reason for going for this type of setup, when you already use linear bearings and rods?

It was the fun to bring it to the possible maximun of these build.


Welcome! Nice looking machine! Let us know how it performs and show us some things you’ve made with it! Currently there is a “V1E GO Maker Faire” contest going on. Post a pic or two of something you’ve made in the forum thread for submissions for the “V1E GO Maker Faire” — the deadline is the end of this month.

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Yeah, it’s family. Kind of like your little brother who went away and got into weightlifting and then you gave him a DNA test for Christmas and… :crazy_face:

Welcome and nice work @Fichtenmoped Markus it looks very cool! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your story.

Am I right in guessing that “fichtenmoped” translates more or less to “chainsaw”? (I’m just curious about this stuff)


Yes that is correct. Fichtenmoped is my gamertag from old, almost ancient times when I just sit at the PC to play. And somehow 25 years have passed but the name has stayed with me to this day. Greetings Markus


These bearings are a good choice, they work very well and are super reliable with zero play.
I’ve been using them on my machine for something like 8 years and they are still kicking.

Just make sure you clean the tubes often, if you’re milling a lot of dust might still pass the seal. At some point I started working on a brush system to get the tubes always clean, but then I converted the machine to a 3D printer so it wasn’t very necessary anymore, but I suggest you to consider adding this kind of feature.

Anyway, nice work on your machine, milling all this stuff was surely a big challenge.
More pictures would be very welcomed, as it’s not everyday we see a mostly milled mostly printed CNC.