Kobalt router

Yeah, unfortunately I believe I’m the only one that purchased any from my local store. It’s really unfortunate because it’s a nice tool.

I’ve worked on multiple projects at my job that have been killed in a similar fashion. It’s really frustrating when you spend so much time and energy to make something new and the company seems to cut it at the earliest opportunity without giving it a chance to gain any momentum.

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I found the display a while back, but they didn’t actually have any routers on it. Either no one bought any of the kobalt tools on it, but bought all the routers, or they never stocked them in the first place. I keep meaning to stop in and see if it was ever stocked.

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It really sucks how this whole thing was handled. I know none of the stores around me ever put them out unless someone specifically asked about them. I asked in one store and waited over an hour for them to finally take it down and open the display up. And they had it in a section that had absolutely nothing to do with routers at all. just in the middle of some random isle. If this had been handled a lot better I think the outcome would have been a lot better.

I will also say, most people away from the CNC world all want battery now. I have 2 palm routers I had before the Kobalt and both are cordless. For normal stuff thats just way easier. I still was very hopeful that this would have caught some traction but it was just handled poorly. Heres to hoping someone else picks it up and keeps it going!! And maybe if that happens they will contact Ryan and get his machine on the side of their box too!


The box is a rendering and not the one he built for them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am kind of mad I am not in the US and that your voltage is so weird, otherwise I would have bought 9 for the price of my spindle. :joy:

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Yeah but you know what I meant LOL

Our voltage is just fine, its yours that is weird sir!

That is a real nice spindle you ended up with though. I wish mine would go that low on RPMs. Well I know it can, but manufacturer says 12k-24k lol. I think trying to go down to 10k or 8k would get it way too hot

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Says the guy with the freedom units per mile.

But besides that: Yes, the spindle is awesome. Not that I’d need the low RPM because I always go too fast, but I could! Maybe for acrylic one day. :slight_smile:

Oh…I’m kinda on the “I wish the US was 240” side…

Then I would always have it where I need it and not have to run new circuits… and would not have had to run such big wires all those times…and pay for such big wires…

I don’t disagree here at all. I was mostly just messing with Phillip LOL. And also since I started doing 3d printing and CNC stuff I measure a LOT more in MM than anything else anymore LOL. Especially if I’m drawing it in Fusion lol


Yeah…I’m not partial to any units…I think they are all fine if you are familiar with them.

Obviously, I grew up with Imperial so 1 ft means a lot more to me than 300mm does.

So I have to keep a conversion chart in my head to understand what everything is.

I will say, though, that almost all screws being in M2-M6, makes things a lot easier, and I find myself wishing the screw sizes I normally deal with here were that easy. But Metric screws are a pain to source in store anywhere here

Nope. 120V single phase sucks. Should have gone 240.


You can make fun of all the weird words he uses and everything else, but DO NOT mess with his voltage! :grin:

Yeah I see that now LOL

My bandsaw actually runs on 400V (called Drehstrom, three phases with 230V, runs so much smoother than the two phases). :sweat_smile: Had to run new cables for it, but it’s a lot better for woodworking machinery. I regret not having done that sooner, would have made it easier to get good tools. 230V is the normal current though most appliances and small tools work with. :slightly_smiling_face:


I consider myself blessed because before things got super expensive after Covid, I bought a massive supply of my most commonly needed screw sizes, M4 and M5, in the most commonly needed lengths, and I basically have just been nibbling at those big supplies ever sense. I was able to get them super cheap — I’m talking about buying like 1600 of each or so.

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LowRider v3 DIY CNC - surgery to Kobalt trim router!

And here I was waiting for the 50Hz vs 60Hz part of that discussion.
Seems like it never got there, ha.


Audi RS6 Avants, Mercedes Shooting Brakes, and now I find out you have residential 3phase electric!? It’s just not fair! :rofl:

Interesting, I didn’t know you don’t have it. All the houses in Germany are connected to the power grid with three phases, but, except for the stove that always uses all three, the phases are split and evenly divided between the breakers.

If one wants to we can call an electrician and ask him/her to install three phase power lines if needed. Most people don’t need that, but some do. Cost me around 100€, material included (I’ve got a cheap electrician… :sweat_smile:).


6 pretty maids all in a row at Tukwila, WA if someone nearby needs one…