Kayak build

I realize I never posted the picture of ‘after’ sanding everything.

I think they came out pretty good.


That is looking amazing :clap:

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It’s been a while since I’ve built a boat, and I am really enjoying building yours vicariously. It’s even giving me the “itch” to do another (which won’t happen), so keep up the good work, and keep posting to keep my itch at bay!


Last night I spent time lining up the deck and hull so today I can mark where the seats and footpegs need to be.

The ratchet straps were needed because the hull has relaxed and was wider than the deck. I’ll leave it strapped together for the next week to hopefully cause the hull to relearn it’s shape.

I think I needed to brace it’s shape better when I glassed the inside.


Foot braces installed.


Well… Still didn’t use the cnc on the kayak.

I ended up just going old school with the bandsaw and belt sander to make these. A little more sanding with a sanding pad will make them good enough. The mounts are far enough from each other you’ll never notice they’re slightly different.

The white one in the middle was the initial design.

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