Kayak build

I’ve talked about building a strip built canoe or sailboat on here before. I ended up picking a 2 person strip built kayak called the microbootlegger.

I think it’s a really pretty boat, so I hope I do it justice.

I am doing videos of the build, but more as a diary than a ‘watch me build this’ type video.

This was the first weekend of the build. I had a lot of family stuff both days, but I got some of the prep work done. I got a rolling cart built and a 2x4 made out of plywood.

I did get all the forms rough cut, but I still need to do final sanding and cut the hole in the middle. The designer recommends adding lightening holes in the forms, so I’ll probably do that with a hole saw.

Sadly, the mpcnc won’t be used much on this build. I did use the MP3DPv4 to print some jigs I’ll be using during the build.

Link to my YouTube channel


I did a stitch and glue kayak about 25 years ago… just redid it this spring. It’s still one of my favorite things. I’m sure your boat will come out even nicer.

Invest in a good sander with dust control and a good respirator… the epoxy fiberglass dust is evil.


Yup. I have both. I do plan on getting a foam pad for the sander to help soften it on the curves. I have the dust port attachment for it.

Dad and I built a sailboat when I was in high school.

Th I strip built will be completely new for me.


That looks like a lot of fun.


Do you have a link for the videos?

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I added a link to my channel in the first post.

Looks good. More pictures.

Ps. I subscribed to your channel.

Few more random pictures. The tape measure is me trying to figure out where I’m going to fit the full length boat for the build.

This picture is just a random picture. I thought it was nice that I was finally using my big workbench as an outfeed table as I had built/intended it for :slight_smile:

And this picture is looking down the length of the plywood 2x4 strong back that I built. It doesn’t have to be perfectly straight, but I thought this looked pretty good.


This is an epic project and I bet keeping a record of it will be worth it.

How long is the final boat? How will you get it to the lake/river?

I am jealous.

Total length of the boat is about 17.5’

Getting it to the lake is the easy part. I recently added a lumber/ladder rack to my truck. I’m going to put some foam on the cross braces and strap the kayak to the top.


Oh man this will be nice. My old boss did a cedar strip canoe and it was beautiful and surprisingly light.
I subscribed as well so I can follow along.

Use a hole saw big enough to take the end of any F clamps you may have. It’s handy to be able to clamp things as you go along.

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Looking forward to seeing this progress. I made a boat a couple of years ago but it was very different and not nearly so involved as a strip canoe.

I couldn’t do anything on the kayak today, so I 3d printed an 8:1 scarfing jig for 1/4" strips.


There are Six million ways to use a 3D printer! :open_mouth:


I posted that on a kayak building Facebook group and was flooded with, “why didn’t I think of that” replies.


Minor progress


I spent last week out of state for work, so I didn’t get much work done. It’s a little amazing how much work it takes before you even put the first strip on.

I did throw a little update up on youtube


No new videos, but here’s the link to the jigs I’ve been designing. I finally got to test some out and have the first strips on the kayak. If I can find some time in the shop this week, I hope to get a few more strips on the kayak.



Looks solid!

Could you make one for 5mm strips? :smiley: