JJ's V5 Build

@jonathanreid Can I also set up this multipin in marlin?

On that one I have no idea. @vicious1 might be able to answer that one.

Not that I know of. Marlin is different you can just tell it not to power down and when to power up and it will work just fine with starting and ending gcode to turn a fan port on and off. Klipper will kill power if a butterfly flies by so it needs the extra security. Functionality is the exact same, just controlled differently in Marlin.

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by hooked up. Once it is “hooked up” I’m assuming I need to know the exact port so I can control it in marlin? Once hooked up and then knowing what port do I need to enable the port to “switch properly” in the config file?

Also does this switching only require one wire?

Hooked up meaning wire into the terminal and the screw tightened down on it.

You can use any heater port you want to. For the SKR pro that would be…

Looks like PB1, PD14 or PB0

I should be using one of the positive connections on the heater port for the single wire right? I know how to attach a wire to the board, just was not sure on how to actually get the heater pin to trigger the relays.

I believe i have it all wired up correctly, so im thinking now i need to modify the config file to turn on the heater pin im using to trigger the relays.

Im using PD1-4 (+) for my trigger wire for the relays, how do i go about setting up this pin in marlin to trigger the relays at the right time?

I believe the pin triggers on the - side. I think those ports always have 24v +. Someone will hopefully correct me if I am wrong. I know for my Manta board the pinout shows VIN on the positive and the Pin number on the negative.

As far as Marlin configuration goes I will have to pass that along to someone else. I never was any good at working with it. Klipper is much easier for me LOL.

Set Pin State | Marlin Firmware You can use M42 to turn a pin on and off. Use it before homing and after your print.

Make sure to give the relay a moment to trigger by setting a slight dwell time.

If that doesn’t cover it, open a new thread and we can go into more depth there for your specific situation.


Sorry @Jonathjon for blowing up your thread with my issues :melting_face:

It’s all good!! No problem at all! I think he suggested a new thread so people will see what you are looking for and not see it as just another comment on a build thread they have already seen