JJ's ERCF V2 Build

I always seem to be printing parts for printer upgrades here lately LOL. Right now I am printing a floor for a tote so I can set Filamentalist spool holders on them and keep them above the descant lol.


Two grandkids are making plans for different Flexis as I type this; will delay my other print activities a bit- and will mean at least 3 printers running one for each kid and one for the big kid.


That’s what’s great about having multiple printers! And always worth putting stuff off for the kids to have some kind of interest!


My son bought a flexible octopus when he was on a trip without adult supervision. $20 for the silly thing. I found the design on the web and it’s $3. Not even $1 worth of material.

I guess I need to print one to show him that I really can print all the things he sees at the monthly craft fair we go to.


Print it all!


Just a little update here. I have it all back together and have done a few prints with it. Its been working a TON better than it ever did before! It still has its mishaps though. Hoping to get more time to tune that out soon. I have a 5 color print I really want to do on it, hoping for tomorrow if I can find time. I have to cut the rod and put 2 more Filamentalist together before I can do that. Also I found a print to install the tool head sensor between the extruder and hot end for the tool head I have on that printer. Hoping I can get that installed tomorrow as well. With that and the new version of Happy Hare, it will automatically set all the parameters for the tool head and supposed to make it a ton more reliable. Time will tell lol.

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