JJ's ERCF V2 Build

Well I guess since the kit showed up today I will start a build thread lol. Hopefully start printing parts for it tomorrow!!!

Planning to put this on my Ender 5 Plus which has been converted to Core XY with a Zero G Mercury One.1 kit. Mostly planning to use it for endless spool operation but I’m sure there will be plenty of multi-color printing going on as well LOL.


Neat. Curious to see how your build goes.

You figured out how you’re going to mount spools and “buffer”? Seems like people prefer a buffer to auto rewinding spools?

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I am leaning towards attempting auto rewind spools over a buffer. I fight so much already with keeping filament dry in our FL humidity that I hate to have part of it sitting open in a buffer. But I haven’t fully decided yet. I need to print one and give it a try and see how well it works.

About to print up the first spool holder to test it out…


you got it!

lol I hope so

Got one set of parts for the spool holder printed. Just waiting for all the additional parts to get here so I can try to put it together and see how its going to work.

Also got some ABS in the V5 and getting it tuned in. Hopefully soon Ill be batching out parts and start getting it put together!

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Dude, These things have come a long way and look super useful. I can not wait to see this when you are done.

I sure hope they work. freakin $60~ in parts from amazon to build 5 of them LOL.

Watching with interest.

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Well I seem to have hit a snag that I cant figure out. Ive been running test prints all day long getting all the hole sizing right and everything else. And all the prints have come out great. Finally got it all dialed in and decided to start printing actual parts and it all goes to :poop:

These Top Hats have built in supports. They have printed fine with every test I have ran today. Now the slicer is removing them and I cant figure out why! I have gone back to the last settings that I printed at before and its still removing them. But not completely. It just makes no sense. I’ve restarted the slicer and that makes no difference.

Ughhh that can be tough to find. Check different wall types and try Arachne on and off. I had that happen before. One little setting can be hard to find. Built in supports tend to be small features and gaps, slicers hate that stuff.

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wanna shoot one my way and if it shows up I can tell you what type of feature it is in Orca?

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I just don’t get it. I’ve printed this thing SEVERAL times and I haven’t made anything but extremely minor changes to XY Compensation. And its printed the support each time. Now I can take both of those to 0 and it still wont put it correctly. But If I go to a standard “normal” print its there and good to go. Makes no damn sense. Why did it work fine all day long and then stop now with no change???

[a]_Tophat_xN.zip (644.6 KB)

Hmm that support part is printed all as an outer wall, I wonder how that can be. Even the infill is considered outer wall.

I would guess if your outer wall setting gets too small for the nozzle it won’t print it??

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Have you tried rebooting the computer, I bet Orca just choked on something.

That’s the only thing I haven’t done. Actually did that earlier today but I’m pretty sure I printed another test after that. I did go try my Wife’s computer which is signed into the same Orca and it did the same crap. I’m about half way done putting all my settings into Prusa Slicer to see what it does. What a royal pain in the ass.

But I haven’t changed that setting at all. That’s what I don’t get

Well going to give this a shot and see what happens…


Ok I think I’m just going to have to start this tuning process all over again. The prints from Prusa look like straight trash. And apparently I cant use a negative value in XY hole compensation and a positive value, even though that worked fine yesterday up until I put more than one on the bed. Now it wont work for any of them