A few issues I have seen with my jackpot.

  1. Pause for 4-5 seconds during a cut, was doing a arch and stopped 1/3 the way.

  2. Connection issues, tool changes.

  3. Connection issues, reboot Multiple times before I can get the GUI to load.

  4. Major delay in GUI I will zero the axis and it takes a few minutes to refresh.

I am using a laptop with window 11.

Anyone can help?

What firmware are you running??

Please upload a picture of your board and how it is wired up as well.

None of these are common issues.

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There are holes in the bottom of the case to run your wires up through. All those wires running over top of the esp are real bad for wifi communication and could be part of your issue. Try making your wires similar to this

Sorry not the best pic but it’s one I had on my phone lol

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What is that bulldog module?

That is a RS485 board to control my spindle VFD

I would suggest updating your firmware but the one you are on shouldn’t be having the issues you are seeing. I would definitely reroute your wires. I’m sure @vicious1 will be back with better suggestions as well

This right here is probably 90% of your issues. You have a giant puling antenna above your wifi, like it could not get any worse. Reroute all these wires under your board and most of your issues should be gone.


I cleaned up the wiring routed then through the bottom and still doing reboots. I got these errors on a couple reboots.

Another thing I am noticing is when I am doing a probe I saw the light turn on and it kept driving. Then all my cuts where too low. It’s like the processor lagged.

What speed do you have set for probing?

  1. Like the sample code.

Most of the time it works just every once and a while lags.

You don’t have a file system or configs in there. That looks just to be a blank fluid install. You need to also upload all the other file, yaml, preferences, macros. There are two sets one for MPCNC and one for a LR.

That was just one of my reboots. I rebooted it again and it came up fine.

These are the issues I am running into with my jackpot. Very inconstant, always having to reboot it multiple time and connection issues during tool changes.

I reached out for a replacement but they wanted to see if anyone else has seen this.

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They is Ryan who posted just above you. This forum is how support works here and usually does really well. He is a one man band and there is always a ton going on. I can personally say that he has ALWAYS taken care of everything I’ve ever needed. Try to be patient and everyone here will help you the most possible. I am positive Ryan will come back with some more things for you to check very soon. The issues you are having are not normal ones but it will get straightened out.

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Did you change your wiring from above, can we see it? It absolutely will not work as you have/had it.

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Updated wiring.

I do fine the wifi more stable.
Another Stange thing happened the z was homing before a tool change, I could see the lights on the limit switches turn off but it just kept driving causing the stepper to skip.

Thank for all the support, I just am trying to figure out if this is normal because of DIY or something else.

The light should come on when the bit touches the probe not off.

Is your tool change gcode set up correctly?

This is 100% not normal. Stepping through all of this slowly to make sure we get it right.

So this started because you had an unstable connection, that is now fixed.

Please cut and paste the Gcode you are using to probe here. As JJ said the light is an indicator, but if your gcode is too fast you simply can not stop in time.

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