Holder for CEE Plugs

As you might know (because I have bragged about it once or twice in other threads to make you Americans jealous) I now have three-phase power in my shop (nearly every house in Germany can have it, costs around 120€ to connect it (also, all our stoves run on it)), but I only had one outlet installed. I just had the bandsaw that needed three phase power, so why bother with more.
But you know how it is - you’ve got it, so you might as well use it. After the bandsaw came a new (old) Table Saw and a Router Table (they are called differently than that, but I don’t know the word. Milling table maybe? With a huge spindle of death.) shaper (thanks Doug!).
Since I am lazy and didn’t want to unplug the cables on the machines and run through the shop, I bought one for each machine. You guess the problem: They were lying on the floor beneath the outlet.
Hence this practical and very sexy solution. No glue was involved in the making of it, I have finally figured out the best settings for cutting those fingerjoints: conventional milling, 0.3mm finishing pass (so around 10%). Works wonders, fits like a glove.

Look at the outlet in the wild, trying to feed its young:

Here are the files, should you need it:
Halterung CEE Kabel.dxf (130.4 KB)
Halterung CEE Kabel.nc (66.2 KB)


Is it a shaper?

A shaper is like a router table on steroids.

Yes, one of those, thanks Doug. But in small, this one: Handguard for shaper. :slight_smile:

I thought a shaper was that huge machine with a giant ram shaving chunks of metal with each stroke

Talk about a confusing designation…

Btw, in french, shapers (the big router type) are called “Toupie”, which means “Spintop”
Not the kind of toy I’d let my kids play with ! :smiley:

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True, that’s a metal shaper. :smiley:

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Like ths??

He might end up “shaping” metal indeed :slight_smile:

I think this is not real. the engine is in front of the car, weights a ton. the rear weighs almost nothing therefore the wheel would slip over the surface of the road.

My son says “this is GTA”…

Your son is right and I am laughing tears. Old people owned by GTA graphics. :joy:

What’s missing is a video of a trail derailment, because somehow that happened here again… :smiley:

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Some bloke has made zillions of these, I was looking one where the Ram totals it over the bridge, but couldn’t find it. :rofl: :rofl:

Looks good. Where did you get your inspiration from may I ask? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am my own inspiration:


:grinning: heh heh

French cleats is one of those things I probably should do in my workshop given it’s sheeted in plywood and my love of constantly rearranging things. Ah, another thing for the bottom of the list. Need to think of some things to do with the rest of this sheet of coated stuff first. :disappointed:

Edit: no I actually need to replace my core before that, if I can get 1/2 an hours peace and quiet.

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