Handguard for shaper

Recently a little router table found its way into my workshop but with the handguard missing. I looked at the bigger version of it and created a new guard that doubles as a hold-down.


Very, Very NICE!


I am especially proud of the set-in bearings with milled spacers. :smile:


Thats awesome!!! Great job!!!


Always such great work!

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I just love how this green matches the old machines color scheme :smiley:
Looks a lot like the color Kitty used


The base is the same colour, it’s called Resedagrün (RAL 6011) and is the colour Elektra Beckum used, Metabo uses 6009, Tannengrün. :smile:

The Kity-green looks the same I’d say. :yum: I don’t know who made the plan to all have them green, all the bandsaws by Hema, Kölle, Panhans etc as well. Give me some colour! :smile:

One of the first pictures, without cleaning etc. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Now with video. :slight_smile:

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Damn, that first real cut was pretty sketchy :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe add some metal strips underneath to act as a spring ? And also maybe cut some kind of comb/ press for the side ?

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It was because the guide was a little thicker in the back, hence it got stuck. I now added some tiny washers to the front guide, now it works. :slight_smile:
I am going to do something for the side as well, didn’t have the time yet. :smiley:

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