Help setting up LR3

need help setting up my LR3 with dual endstops
i have a skr pro 1.2 board ive downloaded the firmware but
only one side moves have 2 y , 2 z and 1 x
the x moves fine and Z only one and Y only one


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What version of the firmware did you download?

The series firmware only has one driver for each axis. You want the DualLR firmware version.

513S is the series version. 513D had 2X and 2Y, 513DL has 2Y and 2Z.

Also make sure you have all your jumpers correct. I speak from experience :man_facepalming:

Hello Liam, welcome!

I’ve messed up on the jumpers before as well, and not plugging driver into correct slot. Removing plastic enclosures from Board helped to make for better connections.

Consider sharing photo of your wiring setup.

Consider looking at output of M122. Feel free to share output here if still struggling.


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hi dan ive downloaded the the one that say []
from github



do yo have the link where can i download the 513DL by chance (3.9 MB)
and im usingthis firmware for tft 35 v3 coz i want to controla power socket tu turn on and off the router

Sending the gcode M122 (probably from repetier host, the output is a bit long for the screen) could give you a hint to the problem with Z2 and Y2.

M115 will tell you what version you have installed. I believe the current one is 515, so it should say 515DL.


hi jeffe the z1 and z2 works great but only 1 Y works ive tested the
stepper and all is good working order

One of the motors looks unplugged in the first image.

yes ive already plug it in coz it was in the wrong plug
do you think it can be my tft config ?

No. The skr pro controls the motors, the tft can only politely ask them to move.

If you switch the tft to Marlin mode, there is a lot less software running. That is a good thing to try to eliminate a bunch of variables.

ok ive switch to marlin mode and it say tmc connection error

and im using this config for my tft (3.9 MB)

That means the sle pro can’t talk to the drivers. That is a sign your screen is working and it explains part of why your motors don’t. We just have to fix that error.

It might mean the drivers are installed wrong, or they are the wrong type, or they have the jumpers in the wrong place or they are missing power.

hi jeff you where right it was one bad drive not working ive change it for a new one and bingo!!

the problem now how do i make it home from left to right

That is a more elaborate problem, hardware wise also. @DougJoseph did that before, trying to find the thread.

I found the files at least: Printables

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Changing where it homes is also changing where its 0,0 origin is and swaps X and Y axes with each other. There can be reasons for this. In my case it’s better for me. I detailed it here on the forum, and I linked to that from the Printables listing that @Tokoloshe posted.

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