Greenhouse roof

Cutting a large number of large pieces that all need to be pretty close to perfect…
Motivation to dial in your machine. Go big or go home!


That is awesome. That deserves a lot of credit for designing a round roof and then cutting it on your own CNC machine. You are living the dream.


Let’s hope :slight_smile:

It has definitely forced a great deal of learning. Which is pretty much the whole point of everything we do!

I’m happy to report that even though my Y axis was a little screwy for about half of the first cuts, the registration holes like up. So I think I will be able to perform woodworking on most of it and get good results.


Super cool. Gave me all sorts of ideas.

What are you using on top of those ribs?

I have two large roles of solexx waiting with bated breath.

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Oh this is getting exciting now!

My Great Grandfather built that barn in the background in 1915. Tough act to follow, but imagine he’d approve. He was an engineer.


Getting it moved into position and raised was… Interesting.


Dang, now I want one. :slight_smile:

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Geez, I’ll bet. That is easily the largest thing in the gallery. What an amazing project.

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Go Big or Go Home! I was building the Lowrider2 at the same time thinking about a greenhouse. Optimizing sun exposure at my latitude meant a 45 degree slope, given a flat surface. That led to thinking about a curved surface… the rest is 4 months of really hard work and a very “steep” learning “curve.” Har!!


Great job! This looks fantastic!

Warning - attempt at COVID humor…
Is it too soon to razz you for raising the curve?


Lovely use of the finger joints. I worked in a woodshop that had a very large CNC - potentially where I got my desire to own one for myself - and we used it to create large scarf joints similar for exposed timber framing entryways, etc.
Might have to consider a similar approach to increasing the size of my greenhouse. I currently have a store bought 8x8 foot model - but it is working out fine for the little lot I am on now. Later, when I get an acre or two - I will max the size out and have it adjoin my shop. This is a good design to compliment the hand made shop I have in mind. Cheers on your effort! Looking forward to seeing the final pictures.

Got plants! Turned out really nice. The space is a really nice, comfortable place to be.


This is still probably my favorite project (sorry other projects). The scale is just great and I hope it lasts for a really long time. I want to spend happy hour there.


Drop by the English Estate Winery anytime… that’s where it is. So happy hour is definitely in the cards.


That is nearly close enough for a post vaccine road trip…I bet it even qualifies for a write-off… Sorry I was hoping it was an open invite, and we could get Heffe to meet me there!!!

I need to get out ASAP and that sounds awesome.

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That is very tempting. I have some family in Portland and I just generally love visiting. Next time I am there I am going to have to check it out.

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