Fluid Dial (Fluid NC dial pendant by Bart Dring, using M5 Stack's M5 Dial)

I cheated but ready to join this fun.

Edit: This is cool. I was concerned that you would just use this or the WebUI. While there is a large overlap of functionality, I think they compliment each other well. I can see where I would use the WebUI to upload and run files, but then use the pendant for pause/resume and tool changes.


I enjoy having both. Did Bart sign it for you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ha, no. I checked the inside too.

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Cool. How did I not know about the the interface module until now!?!?

What I mean when I say I “cheated”, is that Bart had some extra parts so he was selling a couple complete assembled pendants on the FluidNC Discord to recoup some costs. I had it setup in less than 10 minutes, half of which was taking a Dremel to my Jackpot case so I could plug in the cable.

On the Wiki, there is mention of it under the RJ12 Connectors section.
FluidDial Pendant | Wiki.js (fluidnc.com)

There is a CNC I/O module PCB with an RJ12 connector and a PCB for the FluidDail side. Inquire on Discord for more info.

This is far cleaner than what I would have ended up with if I did it myself. Plus, those FluidNC guys could use some support.


Awesome. Don’t know how I missed it, but glad to see it.

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Must be Bart is selling it complete?

He just had some extra parts he accumulated during the development process. So, he had 2 complete assemblies for sale. They’re gone now. It doesn’t seem like he has intentions of doing this going forward. It sounds like you can probably buy the boards he created but would have to inquire on the FluidNC Discord.


Congratulations, I got to use makerjims and I really liked it. Worth the price for sure.


I’m currently printing out the case for this :slight_smile:
don’t supose anybody got links for the hardware I need to purchase from the UK or amazon.com?

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Looks like Mouser UK has 444 of the M5 Stack:




got all my bits now :slight_smile:
Now it’s time to put it together and figure out how I get it working on my Tinybee.