Firmware for BigTreeTech ESP32U ESP32E Module for Octopus (or SKR3/ SKR 3 EZ/ SKR 2)

Anyone got BigTreeTech BTT’s ESP32u ESP32e Wifi Module working with their Octopus or other BTT boards? Am trying to figure out whether the module comes with web server firmware already installed, or, if and how we should install. Not seeing much info on BIQU product page and BTT repo.

Plugged ESP32U module into Octopus, then powered up the board. I see and join wifi network e.g. ESP_DC1234, but http and https requests are refused. Getting Ping responses though.

Pinout picture in BIQU product description is for the smaller ESP32 daughter board mounted to the Wifi module. So that pinout diagram isn’t useful…

BIQU’s ESP32U Product description page doesn’t mention this, but to me, the module dimensions looks like the same layout as AI thinker’s ESP8266 based ESP-07S wifi module… So, I’m guessing the pinout for reset/serial/power/programing pins will be is same… Maybe…

From AI thinker’s ESP-07S spec…

From BTT Octopus v1.1 pinout

Currently hunting around BTT’s github repo and elsewhere for info on ESP32U and ESP32E. Current plan is to use my ESP01s programmer with bunch of dupont wiring to the ESP32U module based on the ESP-07S pinout, and try to upload ESP3D compiled to ESP32 firmware. Wanted to check in here incase someone’s been down this path already? Cheers!

I flashed mine, and I am pretty sure I posted all the hookups and some info, so I would not lose it. There was very little info and it took me a while to get it. If you can’t find my post I can take a picture when I go out to the shop. I know I left it plugged in as well.

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Thanks Ryan! I did find a picture of when your Octopus arrived with the ESP32 module…

That topic has lots of info about ESP01s. But I didn’t stumble across info on how you/anyone is programming the ESP32 based module.

I’ll keep digging and update this thread, if no one else does first. Cheers!

This is what I have. Pretty sure rts and dtr are just for the bootloader or something. Dam, swear I wrote all this down somewhere, it wasn’t easy the first time.

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Awesome! Very helpful. Am scribbling down my notes too, will share when done, for now they’re at v1engineering-mods/btt-octopus-v1.1 at main · aaronse/v1engineering-mods · GitHub

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I looked through my notes, other than the connections flashing it must be the exact same as the 8266’s.

Wow, those are some notes! I wasn’t going to dive in too far until they give me some quotes for the new octo EZ version. I got complaints about sticking on heatsinks and those are pre installed.

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Thanks for the info Ryan. Will try out…

For RepRap firmware users out there, looks like they can just copy ESP32 compiled firmware to a /firmware subfolder on their SD card and the Octopus motherboard will flash the mounted ESP32, details at Connecting an BTT Octopus v1.1 F429 Version via an ESP8266 or ESP32 WiFi Adapter | RepRapFirmware for LPC and STM32 . Am still using Marlin for now, so don’t think that’s an option for me…

Compiled ESP3D to ESP32 firmware.bin, jerry-rigging way to flash now…

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Once you get that on there, you should be able to do OTA updates. I wonder if I can get them shipped, preflashed with esp3d. If I send them the bin they might. Won’t know until vacation is over.