European group buy of jackpot boards

Hi! I’m interested in making some orders on the v1e store but the shipping is literally more than the order. I have no idea on how to do this but would people be interested in making a group effort to dave on shipping?

Id want two jackpots and a touchplate so far

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I’m up for some endmills and jackpot boards. But I don’t know how steep the shipping to Norway will be…

To complicate it: Norway is outside of the EU, and we are being taxed and VAT’ed on things coming from EU countries. Perhaps I should sneak over to Sweden and to pick up a package post restante.

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I’d like to have a jackpot board and some other merchandise (maybe a couple off endmills, some stickers, touchplate. I live in the Netherlands near the German border.

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I’ll pop in here and help if I can. I am still waiting on an answer from BTT, if they say no for some reason, I will try to find a distributor over there to send a box or two to.

That will all take some time. So if you all want one sooner than that, You are shooting for a medium box, That can fit a lot of Jackpots and stuff. A small box (~$30 shipping) fits one and a few endmills. A medium box would probably fit 6 comfortably with room for extras, or like 20 as I get them just wrapped in foam.

I am not in a hurry, it would be for experimental use only and maybe for a new machine.

I would be up for a jackpot and some sharp stuffs

@vicious1 Would it be possible for you to order a package of boards directly to one of us in the eu from china? We’d pay full price and all, but It might be a lot cheaper, also we could check if they’re properly working and any other checks you make.

I think the minimum order number would be 10 boards? if not getting a package from you still stands as the main option

We’re already up to 6 jackpot boards

You can actually order them directly!

Jackpot CNC Controller V1.1 - EasyEDA open source hardware lab Bart made a video on how to order,

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Do you still get your cut if someone orders directly?

No, not from there.

I should add a little suggested donation note to that page. PCBway offers that but I think JLCPCB is currently doing a better job, faster, cheaper, better looking.


Out of curiosity, what would a reasonable donation be?

Seems to me that someone ordering 10 boards wouldn’t be out of pocket too badly shipping them out otherwise.

I would think about doing a Canadian group buy like that, I’d just order the boards so people could buy them without cross border shipping, except well… Shipping within Canada is probably as much as cross border from the USA, or almost as much. The only possible savings would be the random $10 charge that Customs adds to packages to charge taxes on (and sometimes doesn’t for reasons that I have never figured out.)

I think $2 each is very cool.

You still need drivers and esp32’s.

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Maybe the drivers and ESP32’s could be bought independently from the jackpots, since they’re not expensive and readily available.

I’d be willing to take the risk and the expense of ordering the boards from china, but at least I’d need to be sure if there’s enough people to order 10 boards, otherwise we could order 5 and if more people show’s up maybe do it again.

Maybe we could get it higher since we’re saving so much on shipping!

Is this the latest revision that you’re ordering from? there’s a couple of components from the BOM that seem to be missing

Yeah, In my experience jlcpcb has been the best manufacturing service of the two.

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Absolutely, I was more referring to keep an eye on those prices and any shipping they have as well.

That always happens. Things run out. You have to do a search on that component and find something similar. If you click on each one, copy paste the component description, another is usually super easy to find.
H1, should be blank but is not on the BOM, you will get a warning about it though. Then H1-4 are holes in the board and those get no components they are always at the end of the BOM.

I’m up for a Jackpot and extension cables if you’re still looking for orders.

Hi Pastitas, Are you still planning on doing this?

Yes, I had a trip and then family duties and life got in the way as they say, I’ll report back ASAP and make a post with the tentative order so that you guys can confirm. I live in Madrid if you want to check how much shipping might cost (find any establishment in the city and use that address to simulate a shipment ).

Hello, I am also interested in a jackpot board .

Okay, I’ve got an order for 10 boards ready (I’ve confirmed at least enough people for 7 boards so I’m hoping this will work) I’ll be placing it shortly. The only caveat is that one of the pin headers was out of stock but I’ll add that manually myself (you shouldn’t need to solder anything)