Edge lit sign for Son’s Birthday

Thanks to @robertbu helping me with the dxf file I got it finished in time. So many things I’m not real happy with but over all I think it came out pretty good.

Plexiglass is 16” x 20” and it’s running an athom wled controller


This is really cool. Have you got any pictures from the building process?

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That is spectacular, did you use an endmill or a drag bit?

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These are the only other pics I took. I suck at remembering along the way. Definitely need to get better about it

Drag bit. Just over 9 hours running at around 35mm/s. At one point I bumped it up to 40mm/s but then started worrying about over heating the drivers. Not sure at what point I need to worry so I backed it back down


What’s that?

Spring loaded with very small tip. Takes a while to do a sign this size but has very tight detail. I always mirror my image and engrave the back of the acrylic. Here is a video to one back on my old LR2…but you get the idea. This one was made on my Primo while the LR3 cut out the box