Der Froschkönig - Lowrider 3 in Oldenburg, Germany

I am kind of in the same boat. The video of mine that has gotten the most views overall is one of the first ones I did and it’s not something I’m proud of today, yet it keeps outperforming some newer, better videos. However your lame duck is way outperforming my lame duck! Good news for me is some of the newer videos are finally doing better than it.

Thanks so much. I just use Estlcam for shallow inlays. Say, I want a 1mm inlay: I cut the positive with a 1mm depth, then I mirror it and cut the inlay with the same settings, so 1mm depths, but add a starting depth of 0.8mm below the surface of the wood (so you cut 1.8mm deep). This gives you an inlay that has 0.2mm air at the bottom for glue. You can’t just zero it on the workpiece and cut 1.8mm deep. That would create an inlay that doesn’t fit.

The problem is that if you go deeper, like 2mm, the starting depth would be 1.8mm below the surface plus the 2mm you are cutting, that means it has to chew through 3.8mm hardwood in one go. What you could do then is to just run the program once, then a second time with the starting depth of by just setting 0 1.8mm lower.

I hope that makes sense. For even deeper inlays I use F-engrave for the inlay. Maybe the program you are using has got a good inlay setting, V-carve does not. We discussed this in the other thread before (V-Carve Inlay Using Estlcam (But Technique Can Be Used With Any CAM Software)).


Thanks for the info- appreciate it

Carveco maker has - supposedly- a pretty adept inlay tool, I just haven’t used it yet.

Oh, nice. If you did try, tell me if it’s good, please. V-Carve inlays with V bit are useless. But we had that all in the other thread already. :sweat_smile:
Side note: wasn’t there a trial version of carveco somewhere?

Here you go: 90 days free. This is what I started with. It works with other machines, don’t need a sainsmart. I use the PP that was posted here before. I’ll need to get to my computer to find the link

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I need a PP for Estlcam anyway. :sweat_smile:

I am back at the old “belts are not tight enough” I had with Schneewittchen as well:

They should have been 20mm, but they aren’t. It shows very well on the dog bones as well, you can barely make them out. It does not matter too much, but I now definitely need to glue them.

What I also noticed is that the LowRider makes different sounds than the Primo. It is, in my opinion, running more quietly. Have to get used to it. :smile:

What I also did is set Z too low, it was close to bottoming out at the ZY plates. By close I mean 0.2mm… :sweat_smile: The Primo could go a lot deeper below 0.

Able to improve by tensioning belts, or you thinking a mod is needed?

Tensioning usually does it. Will see the next time whether it worked.

Here is the old thread: Measurements are off, but consistently.

An ant among giants… :sweat_smile:

Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 21-25-51 HaWiWe


Cam from black tail is so boss. A fave

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Funny thing is I’m subed to your channel and yet had never seen either of the others in your pic. So your something in my book LOL


Whoops… :sweat_smile:


That is pretty crazy!

And there is nothing in the shop vac. It got compressed a lot, but that’s it. :sweat_smile:

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That is even crazier. I might have to try a new vortex.

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It’s the second cheapest one from Amazon, 22€… :smiley:

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Holly sh*t Philipp,

What the hell are you cutting every day to make that much sawdust!!!

Wood, what do i win, bahahaha

I don’t really know. I emptied it in August…

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