Coasty - CNC Calibration, Quality and Speed Test Coaster

Coasty - CNC Calibration, Quality and Speed Test Coaster

Latest version on github. win-a-kobalt-router-4-5 motivated me to try out some things I’ve been thinking about. Sharing what I did, hoping it helps others, and to get feedback/suggestions on what to do better? Cheers!

Attempt #1 - Meh…


  • Practical small (i.e. fast) CNC and Printer project to help learn/practice calibrating CNC and Printer. Try out pocket holes, engraving, contour cut, basic inlay, and color filling.
  • Support my beverage.
  • Includes Metric and Freedom markers.

Parts / Files

  • kobalt-mat.stl model
  • kobalt-mat-profile.dxf Mat design exported from Fusion 360 sketches I created.
  • EstlCam project files:
    • mat-engr.e10 - Pocket holes
    • mat-hole.e10 - Engrave
    • mat-cont.e10 - Contour Cut (includes tabs)
    • NOTE: Used short file names because long filenames don’t render/execute correctly on my ESP3D-Marlin setup.
    • QUESTION: Created file per operation. Please let me know if there’s a way to have single EstlCam project file, that contains multiple layers and/or multiple groups of Cam operations?

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Attempt #1

  • Should’ve engraved deeper, was 0.4mm
  • Need to adjust PLA part height and/or Pocket depth. 3D parts too thin.
  • Should adjust PLA gap tolerance for inner parts. Gaps were big for inner parts.
  • Should update design so 3 corners are same radius. No-one is likely to use this for grouting and care that 6mm and 8mm 45deg chamfers were intentional.
  • Consider heating in reflow oven to smooth PLA?

Okay… but I was supposed to start other project first… grrrrrr… fine I’ll do it. I need a shop coaster anyways

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Nice designs and info in this topic…

Think there’s some other Benchy for CNC inspired topic(s) too?

My next attempt will probably have V1E Logo instead, unless Kobalt Marketing are reading and want to sponsor my coaster build :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not sure how to say this, but you are now by law required now to make a V1 coaster too.

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And released on github. Kudos.

I’d vote for that. Not that they’d listen to me.

That’s a great comment. It’d be neat to have an easy way to replace the logo part.
It’s on github, so any of us with an itch could submit a pull request. Or we could be lazy and wait for the next version.


I didn’t want to add the OpenSCAD and SVG import requirement yet haha


SVG you say… How about CNC’d Holograms using a .STL to SVG converter? Started looking into that ~8 months ago, got distracted and didn’t finish, this is as far as I got…


Ok now i have never thought about printed inlays!!! Clever!!!

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That is brave. This is a test of both machines at the same time…yikes.


@azab2c link to kobaklt-mat-profile.dxf is broken. I dug through the repository and found it. check links below

listed: %5Bkobalt-mat-profile.dxf%5D


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Crap. Fixed. Thank you @Peacester!

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No problem. I’ll try and post my results here… now to find shop time :thinking:

I did it! But a couple issues. Some I know some I don’t.

I used a really soft plywood and out of excitement I hand sanded with 120 grit with caused tear out, and whatnot.

My printer didn’t make a fine tip on one of the tips for all inserts (ideas what caused this? Bad retraction?)

I didn’t cut the pocket deep enough

There is a slight slope to my ruler (I think this is because I need to lube my lead screws, what does everyone use? WD-40 dry lube doesn’t seem to be working well)

So far I don’t see any issues with the cnc that I wasn’t aware of! I need to check the ruler out to make sure but with how everything else turned out I’m happy! I need to redo it with better wood/ply.

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Mine tore out pretty bad, especially for markers that go along the grain, am trying with grain rotated 45 deg next… Not sure how to avoid tear out, I need to watch even more YouTube…

Dry ptfe/silicone seems to be recommended for LeadScrews. Don’t want oil/grease that will attract dust/debris. Think Super Lube® Silicone Lubricating Grease with Syncolon® (PTFE) – V1 Engineering Inc is recommended?

I’d take a look at the slicer preview, see if the layer start/end seam is at that same point that’s printing less pointy than you’d expect.

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