Burning out DW660

Has anyone had any trouble with their DW660 burning out? I’ve had my MPCNC for ~2ish months, and I’ve just burnt out my second DW660 from Amazon. The first one I returned thinking it was a fluke.

This second one burnt out after a some-what long job. Maybe 2 hours. However it may have been kind of demanding on the router. I was surfacing the table. 1" bit, 0.25mm DOC, 2.3mm total, 50% overlap, 2000mm/m. My build area is 23"x23".

It actually got through the job, I was just cleaning up some edges manually w/ the LCD controls when it started to smoke, and then cut off a few second later. I also noticed some soot around the ventilation holes near the shaft lock button. No idea how long that has been there.

Did I push the router too hard for this job? Should I look into an alternative tool? As I understand, the DW660 is pretty much the bog-standard here so I figured it was the tool for the job.

To fast for the cut and bit 800mm /m 1m doc worked for me. Mine has black in same places there is thermal protection when overheating

opps .25 doc is fine if run multi hour cuts bot never had a problem like yours sorry

Thanks, yeah I figured the super small DOC would allow me to go much faster, and that job ran wonderfully for the first 2 hours or so, not sure what happened at the end to make it keel over.

Slow to 1200 and 1mm DOC I do it a lot for flattening almost 2 years old and lots of cutting hrs and hours but most at 300 to 1000 mm min. It really is a great router not sure why your having problems try again

I took the unit apart, definitely got super hot for some reason. Photo below. The white & black terminals give power to the stator I think. Obviously burnt to a crisp, along with the socket the plugin into.

The dewalt really shouldn’t be able to be taken down by any load on the bit. A 1" bit might challenge that assumption though :slight_smile:

The motor is a brushed motor. There are two little carbon paddles that are spring loaded towards the shaft. They carry the current (+) and (-) to the electromagnets, which us what rotates the tool. Because they are constantly scraping, and they are driving a 600W into the tool, they take a real beating. They are designed fo be very tough, but replacable. You might want to take them out and see if that is what is toast. If so, you could still use the warranty, but get a couple extra sets of brushes to reduce downtime.


The brushes are in those white parts, held in by those springs. Some of that black junk is definitely the brush dust.


Yep I took it to bits, brushes are definitely fine, the terminal that gives power to the stator looks to have failed prematurely…

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they are made to use as a cutout tool straight 1/8 or 1/4 so we do abuse some

Another photo of the terminal that got burnt up

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I think my best course of action (assuming I dont just return it, not sure if Amazon will give me flack for returning two of the same tool in broken states…), I’ll just solder a wire to that terminal and run it up through the housing. Not really sure if that’s going to be more resistant to heat or what, but its worth a shot imo.

I’ve run mine 24 hours straight before. (really, don’t do that!) Not had any issues with it.

what does your tool mount look like? Do you have anything blocking the air exhaust outlet at the bottom of the tool?

I just re-surfaced my spoilboard on Saturday: 1" end mill, 1mm DOC, 450mm/min, 50% step over.


My tool mount (and all of my printed parts) came from Ryan’s store. When I had the tool off the mount, I did see the area where the plastic of the tool touches the mount was a little melty, but not from the exhaust air, I don’t think.

Any type of dimmer attached? Anything that wasn’t from Ryan? It isn’t unheard of to have a bad item but you have really bad luck :smiley:

In reading the reviews on Amazon, I’ve decided not to risk getting someone else’s (undeclared) DW660 return. There are just too many reports of obviously used stuff (melted, jammed, etc.) being sent out as if it were new. I’ll be getting my DW660 from a local retailer.

Assuming, of course, I’m allowed to go to a local retailer when the time comes. I’ve still got a few tasks in the queue before I’m ready for the spinny bits.

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Not sure if it’s related but I remember reading a warning somewhere (in the manual?) if you run it at lower RPM under a load that causes the tool to not be able to keep up it can burn it out.

Speaking as someone who is locked down (in the UK), go and get anything you need now!

There was an interesting Reddit thread a few weeks ago asking Italians what they wish they’d done before the lockdown, and one of the top relies was buying hardware for decorating projects, so they would have something useful to do while confined to the house for a few weeks.

We went and got some colour charts, and started thinking about what to buy, didn’t really think anything would happen, and before we’d made up our minds, the stores had closed :frowning:

Internet deliveries are still happening, but they’re slower than normal as everyone is using them more than normal, and the mail-order stores have staffing problems, so my MPCNC is sitting idle while I wait for some router bits.

#FirstWorldProblems, obviously. Things could be a lot worse…

So far, hardware stores have been considered ‘essential’ here in the US. In the event a water pipe bursts or some other miss-fortune happens to your house, they want you to be able to repair it.

@timonjkl @tailslide

No dimmer, plugged directly into the wall and manually turned on/off via the switch on the top. Pretty much everything was purchased directly from the V1 shop besides of course the router and the conduit.

But now that you guys mention it, I was using this dust shoe https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2435626 - It was printed in the same color so I forgot it wasn’t a V1 product…The little “top hat” shaped piece gets inserted into the gap behind the the collet. I think it’s purpose is to redirect the exhaust air away from the spoilboard (and thus through the other exhaust ports) so that it gets sucked up by the vaccuum.

@tjcolejr Have you seen something like this on your design?