ASA Print Settings

I know @azab2c and possibly a few others were wondering about printing ASA and I think I finally have it dialed in enough to share my settings.

Disclamer: YMMV!!

Bed Temp: 100°c
Nozzle Temp: 250°c
Filament Used: Polymaker ASA - Orange (will be testing Grey and Black soon as well)
Chamber: Printer is in a chamber but it is not actively heated. Temps are usually around 25-35c Chamber is just to keep drafts off of the print. Chamber I used for those without an enclosed printer.
Bed Surface: Textured PEI. Cheapo off amazon, nothing special.
Adhesion Modifier: None, its not needed
Print Settings: Only thing out of the norm for me is added a 5mm brim. That’s the ticket right there, Thanks @vicious1

Here are the speeds I’m running…

Also I did run a CNC Kitchen Flow test… All the way to 25mm^3 and I was still getting full extrusion. I didn’t see a need to go more than that. My accelerations limit me now not the flow.

If you have any questions that I didn’t cover post them up and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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Don’t forget your


LOL. I’ve never gotten a single fume from it. But I do know its a thing so we are careful.

Those settings are so much more manageable that I thought. 250nozzle and 100 bed? I think that is lower than ABS. I guess I do need to look into it more.

From my understanding they should be the same for ABS. But I have not tried to print ABS. Polymaker has some cool UV reactive ABS that I wouldn’t mind trying

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Congrats @Jonathjon, cheers for the info, great to hear that enclosed passive heated chamber is working for you. Will try that too before trying actively heated chamber setups.

Looking at carbon filters after Mike’s post and digging into fumes and ultra fine particulates ufp that some ASA can emit. Especially since I sit near the printer.

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If I was going to print it more or Print ABS at all, I would build a nevermore filter I think…

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Edited and added a few things to the first post

Just going to drop this here. I happened to come across this video the other day and watched it just because I’ve never done anything with ASA/ABS, but would like to in the future.

I have the link forwarded right at the spot where he talks about his ASA poisoning

TLDR; He got sick from ASA printing, even though the printer was enclosed with a filter. Fumes still leaked out enough


ASA is my favorite. Once you print with ASA, you can throw away all your ABS.

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Mind sharing your print settings??? Curious to see if they line up or not.

I don’t have a MP3DP, I was printing hot on my Ender 5 Pro that I enclosed. Something like ~ 260/110.

It really helps if you let the machine soak a bit. Preheat for like 10-15 minutes and let that bed and chamber get toasty

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Yeah that’s not far off from where I’m at. And I’m printing parts for the the Mercury One.1 conversion on my Ender 5 Plus. I have a Pro as well but the kit was sold out on it forever. Wanted to do that one with the Hydra for the bed first but oh well lol.

My chamber is so large that even my 1/4" aluminum bed and 110v mains heater cant it it too warm lol. This morning was the first time I started a print without preheating at all and its all doing great so far lol. Hopefully I didn’t jinx my self lol

When I was really into ASA, I considered adding a hair dryer or one of those little desk heaters to actively heat the chamber.

Lol I ordered a real small space heater to put in there because nothing I tried would work. Before it got here Ryan gave me the tip to use a brim. once I did that no more issues. Heater is still in the box lol and I’m not even using glue stick anymore

That is exiting. Could you share your thoughts on why you are doing the Mercury One.1 conversion? I have a Ender 5 plus that I am not using that much at the moment.

And did you think about doing the hydra mod also?

The V4 was my first ever experience with a CoreXY printer. And seeing how much better and faster it can move made me realize just how slow my older printers are. Plus I really enjoy moding and tinkering with them so its a hobby as well.

I don’t have any plans to do the Hyrda on my E5 Plus. It already has the dual Z. My plan is to separate them and be able to tram side to side. I have seen a lot of guys do that and it works well. I do also have an Ender 5 Pro which I plan do also do the Mercury One.1 conversion to later, and with that one I plan to do the Hydra mod since it only has a single Z with a cantilevered bed

Did you source the parts yourself or did you buy a kit?

Perhaps you could start a new thread for the conversion?

I bought a kit from Fabreeko. It didn’t seem like it was going to be any cheaper self sourcing and their kit is laid out really nice.

If @vicious1 doesn’t have a problem with a Non V1 3d printer build thread then no problem at all I would be happy to share the process.

Of course not.