Another New LR3 Build in Australia

Ok, sorry i have not been updating the progress on the table.

I have completed the “Wings” for the Paulk table.

This face will be the side the LR3 will be riding on or have the rail connected to it.
There will be another sheet of 18mm MDF on top of this to allow the connection to the bench, via the array of 20mm holes @ 96mm x 96mm centers. I am working toward the LR3 actually peck drill or maybe even cut these out. But that is a ways away just yet.
Until then i am just going to set them in place and drill a hole for a nut and bolt.

Here is another shot of the gussets.

As I mentioned in another thread I have an area in the workshop that is quite small to store my stuff, i can use the workshop, but have to pack up after myself. This area is actually under a small mezzanine and that is around 2.4m at its smallest so I was hoping to use some ropes and pullies to hoist these wings in to the air tight against the underside of the flooring to get them out of the way.
I was also considering a simple cardboard box over at least the LR3.

I also mentioned in that other thread that i was considering a smaller set of “wings” say the same length as the gantry, approx 1400mm to work on smaller projects like inlays and stuff. so that will be interesting.


I got a bit of time to test the new setup and the gantry homes properly now !

Well that is all she wrote for this week, I have to drive 4 hours into the country to see my parents and do some work around the house, and then head back on sunday.

so I wont be able to take the LR3 back to the workshop and set it up on the bench. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage:
Its like having xmas and not being able to put the toy together and use it!