5-colour-inlay cutting board - San from Princess Mononoke

Ash (Hair), Black Walnut (Eyes, Mouth, Pearls), Purple Heart (Headband), Red Heart (Warpaint), Maple (Teeth, Stone in Headband and Fur Coat).

Board is cherry, another cherry, Wenge.

Yes, there are bad glue-ups in the board, my thickness planer and I have a bit of discussing to do regarding that topic. The inlays aren’t all top-notch either, I had to patch quite a few seams. You can see the problem with the hair in the last picture for example: the final pass with the V-bit does not exactly match the other one. Repeat that with the other side, you are off by 0.4mm or so which is quite too much. So: if doing inlays, use a touchplate. Don’t be lazy and eyeball it.
The warpaint and the beads are spot on for example, I cut them with the V-bit completely, so no chance messing that up, the same goes for the headband (there I used the touchplate). So really do yourselves a favour and use the plate.
I also improved on my tutorial with the inlays and found a lazy solution that does not have any drawbacks at all. Yeah me.

Oh, as a bonus: the parametric file for the juice groves and handles:
Schneidebrett Parametric.dxf (199.4 KB)


To see with eyes unclouded by hate.

I like it.



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Dang you did an excellent job matching the grain patterns of the inlays with the natural flow of the objects they represent. Good eye!

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Same to you, the first one to notice (and say so). :smile:

I love this! Great job!

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I uploaded the parametric version of the dxf again where you can enter the values and it creates the handles and juice gove for you. :slight_smile:

The video. No custom picture yet because of holidays. :smiley: