2070mm X 2800mm sized LowRider 3?

The size of full MDF boards in my area is 2070x2800 and I was wondering could the Lowrider be stretched to those sizes?

As far as I’ve been able to figure out length wouldn’t be a problem but the width might cause problems.

wow… ~7’ x 9’ ?

That’s big.

What area is that?

I have seen some 5’ wide builds, but don’t think I’ve seen any that wide

That would be 5,796 m2 or 62,38 ft2

I meant your location

Oh sorry…

I’m in Finland.

I think the LR3 could span the 2070mm. Cutting the struts could be a challenge, but should be doable at 2800mm length.

A bigger challenge to me wouldnbe making a flat table with mounting for the machine that size.

I’m also curious about how you get those sheets home :rofl:.

Didn’t realize 2070 X 2800mm Jumbo wood boards existed.

Looks tricky, are initial planned projects small enough to be able to break the boards down in half to use on a 7’ x 4.5’ or 3.5’ x 9’ LR3? Could always make the LR3 larger in time if/when you want to go Full Jumbo ™? Expecting some serious materials, mods, speed, accuracy choices and compromises involved. Will be an interesting LR3 Jumbo build.

If you are wanting to CUT boards of that dimension, then you would need a table size of 2395 x 3183 (or larger). You would need rails (and struts) of 2250 x 3116. Having a gantry of that size might require some consideration of additional rigidity. perhaps using thick walled stainless steel tubing on the X rails rather than lighter weight EMT (or whatever the EU equivalent is).

If you are wanting to simply use the 2070 x 2800 boards as your table surface/spoil board, with a smaller cutting area, then you could cut pieces up to 1745 x 2417. (use LR3 calculator to modify cutting area to fit a specific table size).

I think this about sums it up. However, if the X gantry were to be beefed up, then maybe a 2250 mm span could happen. Maybe with 6 mm thick aluminum struts, (or 12 gauge steel struts?), connected to braces that were even closer together than normal, combined with steel tubes instead of EMT.


I would make sure you actually need to cut things this big. My LR3 has a working area of about 870mm x 1900mm and there’s a pretty good chance I end up making it smaller because I’ve only used about 2/3 of that area. 90% of what I’ve done was in a pretty small part of the bottom left corner. Although, I’m also dealing with limited shop space. Getting a flat table at that size is going to be a challenge.

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This definitely a situation where I’m trying to save cents on not having to cut down full sheets by spending euros…

Apparently it’s a bulk wood market size in Germany as well, I received boards of that size as well for my LowRider (to my surprise and presenting a real physical challenge…).