Zero G Mercury One.1 Build

Have you decided to build you one yet?

No, the “kit” is sold out at the moment and with the extra costs of import to here it gets expensive.

I’ve seen some kits on Aliexpress as well if that helps any

It might, could you link a “kit” on aliexpress? :slight_smile:

I went with the E34M1 toolhead with a Revo and orbiter 2. I finally got it all together now just working out the kinks.

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That’s the tool head and extruder I used on my E5+, but with a Rapido HF. I never change nozzles so no need for the expensive revo nozzles for me. I decided to try out the EVA 2.4 on the E5Pro but same Orbiter V2 and Rapido HF.

Ive also got revo on my switchwire conversion I just like to keep things the same so I don’t have a bunch of different stuff to change or keep up with.

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Are you happy with the extruder and hotend combo?

Very much so. Not one signal clog ever. With the filament sensor on the orbiter its extremely easy for a filament swap. With a .6mm CHT nozzle it flows crazy high amounts. Ran a max flow test in orca to 50mm³ and it wasn’t even slowing down at that point.