Z Touch plate kit assembly example requested

I’m looking for more detailed instructions or a few photos on how the pieces of the V1 z touch plate assembly are intended to be put together. I’ve used a similar feature on shopbot so I know how it works when complete.

What I’ve found so far are the notes in the store page which make assumptions they are all the directions needed. The photos there reference a different rev of the kit and one that is assembled.

My kit came with a black/red wire pair. I’ve assumed the intent is to screw the black wire on the alligator clip and maybe(?) crimp together the end using pliers after tightening the screw?

This picture shows it screwed down but not crimped.

This end it’s a little less clear. The stainless steel plate has a small hole in it but it’s hard to thread the wire though that and the red plastic connector. If you force the wire through the red plastic it doesn’t default to coming through either of the two loops. Did I do it backwards?

It doesn’t stay together very well, is soldering it together or taping with electrical tape what’s expected?

… and then they’re is the magnet which is I assume intended to be put somewhere on the mpcnc to secure the plate when not in use but not part of the z probe function? Did the design of this feature included some assumption where it should live when the machine is in use?

Anyhow I’m sure there was specific intent in the set of pieces included in the kit and how to assemble them but I’m needing a more specific instructions about that. There didn’t seem to be a forum thread about this or a docs page.

I’m using the Rambo board and understand how to connect there across the Zmin pins: red to S and black to -.

I’ve done that and confirmed it works when testing with the z119 command… and I’ve used it successfully. It’s just my assembly of the kit is anything but solid right now.

The instructions to build the machine are so well documented and this isn’t documented to the same standard.


It doesn’t look like you have the red wire crimped into the spade connector. It’s not just shoved down the side as it appears you have it… The end of the plate is slid into the spade connector.

I’ll go take a few pictures and post again in a few minutes.


This is the “spade” end of the connector. The narrow end of the Z-Plate should be inserted between the curled over edges and the flat. In my kit that was next to impossible, so I used a small flat-blade screwdriver to pry the curled edges open from the flat portion. The stainless steel then slid in up to where the tab becomes wider.

Here is a picture looking down the front of the z-plate with the connector in the same orientation

Here’s a picture looking from the side, you can see the curled edges on the front and the flat back with the z-plate sandwiched between.

This is a picture of the spade connector and a set of crimping pliers. You really need to use a pair that are designed for crimping these connectors. Don’t try to use a pair of needle-nose pliers, or heaven forbid, a pair of wire cutters to make the crimp (I speak from sad experience).

This shows the first crimp with the flatter portion of the crimping pliers.

This is the second crimp with the “dimple” portion of the pliers

I also used the dimple portion to tighten up the spade, since I opened the spacing to get the z-plate into the spade side of the connector.

If you don’t have a set of crimping pier, go to the local auto parts to get a cheap set. Be sure it has the dimpler (second crimp). Not all of them do and it helps make a very secure crimp.

I hope that all helps.



Mike, many thanks.

Mystery of the connector I’ve never used and tool I didn’t know existed solved… my wire strippers didn’t have the dimple capability but I got a pair that does now.

My z plate is now assembled securely and doesn’t feel like it’ll fall apart each use.

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