Z lift at print start

So what do i need to adjust or turn off to keep the z from lifting at the beginning of my prints? i get the nozzle set nice and perfect, then when it starts to print, it lifts and i have to use the z adjust to get it back down where it was originally

What do you use for slicing? There must be a setting for this.

Otherwise you can just edit to gcode to remove the lift. Everything you need is here: http://reprap.org/wiki/G-code.

I’m using slic3r/repitier, with everything setup exactly how Allted has it listed on his assembly pages. I e deleted the starting gcode like he said, that’s what confuses me.

I have only used Slic3r/Repetier with my Robo3D printer and only mill with my MPCNC. I suggest looking at the gcode in an editor (or the Repetier’s editor). It might give you a clue as to what is happening.

You must just be setting the Z wrong. You should be setting it at Z=0 not right where you want it. The Z lifts up the height of the first layer at the start. It thinks it’s at Z=0 So if your first layer is .3mm it will lift .3mm then print.

Is that what is happening?

If not post your first 20 lines in gcode.