Z axis moving 1mm to 10mm on x and y

Hi all . Printed parts and motor kit and ramps from you .using pc . All manual x and y movements move fine in repeiter host . But a axis only moving 1 mm not 10mm when told too . Any help appreciated thanks

What board and lead screw do you have? Best to have you re-flash the firmware.

Hi Ryan thanks for reply. I bought the ramps1.4 complete with drv8825 drivers. Arrived a week or so ago. Lead screw and all wiring , motors etc from you. So this should be flashed with your latest software I believe!



A typical issue would be moving too far, too little is a new one. I did test it so it should be okay. Double check that the z stepper is not spinning in the coupler. Also check that you can move the entire length of you z axis by turning it with your fingers twisting the coupler while powered off. This is to check for binding. If there is binding the z axis should make a nasty noise while trying to move.


Thanks again for you help.it moves freely I can turn with 1 finger when off ! In RH when I move it seem to do 1 turn on the thread for 10mm which I measured approx 1 mm virtical moves slightly for 0.01 and 0.1 too seems in proportion but 10% of what it should be .


Ps have not used estlcam with it or anything else new board plugged in starting from scratch with it

Maybe I flashed the allthread firmware on that board by accident.

Try this file, and the instructions are on the firmware page.

Thank you will try when I get a chance !!


Many thanks . Released t8 leadscrew firmware.and works a treat !

Many thanks . Reflashed t8 leadscrew firmware.and works a treat !


?[attachment file=48446]

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Sorry about the mistake, so happy you got some first cuts in!

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