z axis making noise

Hello everyone!

I just got most of my parts setup and put together. The issue I am running into right now is that the Z axis makes a noise like a rapid clicking or grinding noise when it is going up the Z axis. If I apply some pressure and push on it this noise goes a way for the most part. When the Z is lowering it does not make any noise. I have tried loosening some of the bearings thinking this is the issue but it has not helped. I have checked to make sure everything is square and as far as I can tell it is. I put some wd40 on the conduits just to check if that was the issue but that did not help. Any one have any ideas or seen this before?

I’d carefully go over the Z axis mount assembly instructions to see if you missed anything important:


If I had to guess I’d have a closer look at the Z axis stepper motor, coupler and leadscrew/nut.

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Ok I will go back over the whole thing again. I just cannot figure out why it makes the sound going one direction and not the other. I think the only thing that is missing is the tool plate so I will add that piece on as well.

The tool plate holds it all together, you probably need to loosen everything up and make sure you get that Z axis nice and straight.

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On first build my lead screw was a little out of line. As the nut and collar got closer to each other the alignment got worse and the whole works started to struggle. All I did was disassemble it and put it back together and it automagically fixes itself.

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Thank you all for the responses. I pulled it all apart and put it back together. Ouch that sucked. It is working better but once it gets to the top of the screw close to the motor it starts to struggle. It is the stepper trying to spin but there is resistance. I have been playing with the tightness of the whole thing and I pulled the stepper drivers and put in some dvr8825. When I did the TCM2130 drivers they just struggled a lot. Not sure what the difference is. I will try seeing if I have it to tight on top some more and adjust some of the bolts to see if that helps. Thanks again.

So I went back over the whole thing took it apart again and back together. I checked to make sure my pipes were square as well. My z axis will now get close to the top with out stressing the motor. I would say 3/4 of an inch from the lower plate that supports the coupler. I think i might need to reprint the top two plates and see if the PETG is the issue. The other thing I am looking at is the bearings. How snug should they be against the pipe? Should they be able to spin with a little bit of force, not at all, or be snug?

Touching is enough, friction on the different rails can vary.

Hey James, wondering what solution you found?
I am troubleshooting the same issue.