z axis 8mm threaded rod calibration

I would like to calibrate my z axis 8mm threaded rod.
When I zero my z axis by touching my work piece and then connecting to Repetier Host.
It doesn’t seem to move the correct mm movements.
I’m not sure whether I should look in Arduino to make adjustments.
I am using the firmware B16_32_8mm-LCD-112515.

Simon S

Yes use the RC7 firmware from this site and just adjust the z axis steps (the one you listed is very old). Just like a 3D Printer.

Hi vicious1
Thanks, I’ll give it a go.

Hi Simon, actually you can do it directly from the screen, you don’t need to modify the firmware code (you probably know this already but I had a friend who didn’t so he was changing the values in the Arduino IDE, recompiling every time… ) Just go to “control”, then motion, then steps per mm. And don’t forget to save parameters otherwise they will be reset when you’ll restart the machine.