Z and Y axis work great, X axis does not move


For starters, I purchased everything for this machine from vicious. I just completed the build and am now messing around with the software. I finally was able to get my printer connected to Repetier Host and manually control my machine. The Y and Z axes work great, no binding or anything besides a temporary high pitch noise coming from the Y steppers which subsides after a minute or two (I have not touched the pots because I do not currently own a multimeter). When I attempt to manually control the X-axis nothing happens, no noises or anything. Also, when controlling the Z axis with Repetier the controls are backwards. Has anyone experienced this issue? I can post pictures of my wiring if that would help. Thanks for taking the time to read this! By the way im not using any end stops.

Here is how to change the direction, https://www.v1engineering.com/reversing-the-axis-direction/.

The whine is normal, so do dome don’t as much.

With the power off and disconnected change the y axis to the X axis on the ramps board. See if the problem stays with the board or the axis. It could be as simple as your belts are too tight and not letting the steppers move. Have a detailed look at everything. I test the boards on my machine before they leave here so Chances are pretty good it is not that. Make sure never to unplug any wires while the ramps is powered up. Easiest way to fry it.

Pictures always help

Heck yeah worked perfectly, thanks for the speedy response! Now time to try getting estlcam to stop crashing so I can do a pen test!

So I am having a problem with Estlcam connecting to my printer. I go into setup, USB cnc connection, I select the port, select the GRBL SAFE pin layout, and click program arduino. The message and the bottom says “Activating Bootloader: Failed” and then Estlcam crashes. Ive reinstalled the program 3 times and its always the same issue. Should I not be using the GRBL SAFE pin layout?

Estlcam does not connect to a ramps/mega combo, only an arduino Uno. stick with repetier or an lcd screen.

Hmm interesting. So can I use Repetier to mess around with a pen to test the machine? Or is it limited to 3d printing?

Start here, https://www.v1engineering.com/estlcam-basics/

Ah! Thank you it all makes sense now!