YouTube subscriber growth went "exponential" when I started posting V1E "LR3" vids

@Dreyfus - Thanks! LOL! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Speaking of suspense… regarding my current floating-Z dust shoe project… I had ordered the MGN12 linear guide from Amazon, and as soon as I ordered it, they switched to saying it was out of stock. They gave no delivery date. Then they sent me an email saying the delivery date was estimated to be between two and three months! So I canceled that order, and placed another order on AliExpress. That was some days ago. They were saying it would be here in two weeks. So who knows when I will get a linear guide!

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Might be time to reach out to sawstop for a new free tool.

How much is it?

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It blew past the 4000 and is now at 4,070! Thanks to you all for being so kind. :slight_smile:


Congratulations @DougJoseph!

Really appreciate how much time/energy goes into creating content. Cheers!


I suscribed!


I havs 4 150mm rails sitting on my bench. Happy tonpartvwith one of you need.

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A shipment from you might actually reach me before anything I’ve ordered! I hate to ask that though.

Pm me your address. Ibwill put it in the mail tomorrow


You are kind! Thank you!

As of today, my YouTube channel reached 225,000 views!

Here’s an update of my lifetime subscriber growth (nearing 2,000):

As a reminder, this all started about exactly when I shared my first V1 related video:

Thanks, Ryan, and all.

PS: less than a year to go from 100K views to 225K views.



My kayak build videos has increased my viewership. Not nearly as exciting as yours, but one of my videos did hit 2.5k views. That’s a lot compared to most of my other videos.