YouTube subscriber growth went "exponential" when I started posting V1E "LR3" vids

Posting videos about the LowRider 3 CNC (and related content) has brought a boon to my YouTube channel’s growth. This graphic shows my subscriber counts over the lifetime of my YT channel.

Notice the “hockey stick” style shift in numbers of subscribers. The date of that change was May 29, 2022.

That corresponds practically to the day of when I started posting about LowRider 3 build info, etc. Here are the first LR3 videos I published, with dates:

May 28, 2022
LowRider3 progress - both Z Assemblies working!

May 29, 2022
LowRider 3 MPCNC - Beam Assembly (X-Gantry Structure) - first phase - tips

Now, my channel is still a long way from setting the world on fire, and with only 1,809 views and 6,729 views, respectively, those two videos are not setting the world on fire either, but clearly, trend wise, they were the start of a marked difference. Bottom line: My YT subscriber growth went exponential when I started posting V1E LR3 vids. I did not expect it, but I’m sorta glad for it.

My YT channel is: Design8Studio Doug Joseph - YouTube


Keep that trend and you will get monetized in no time.

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Thank you. Your projects continue to bless and help people in many ways.

In progress toward monetization, I’m currently at 58.2% on subscriptions and 48.4% on hours viewed.


It is very good to hear there is a symbiosis there. Your videos are good production quality. I am sure you will get there in no time.

Holy cow though. YT requires 10M short views before you can monetize (unless you get 4,000 hours).

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Yes, and that is in only the past 90 days, not past year like the 4000 watch hours! The whole dynamic with shorts is just crazy.

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First post on the forum - figured I’d chime in and say Doug’s videos have provided a nice avenue into the MPCNC and Lowrider. I was aware of the designs through the course of researching a DIY CNC, with an eye towards a plasma table, Doug’s videos lined up nicely (particularly the floating Z and THC integrations), which lead me to the forums which I’ve been reading voraciously - and then I picked up a 2nd hand, 95% complete Lowrider I’m now making my own.

So, thanks Doug! And thanks to the V1E team/designers, and knowledgeable forum members! I’m sure I’ll be asking a lot of questions, and will do my best to contribute back to the greater good once I start moving steppers and making chips/sparks.

Side note: Doug - your Patreon seems in an odd state, was hoping to back you for a bit, let me know when it’s back to accepting backers!


I’m wondering how hard it is to hit that. I posted a little BS short of the mill cutting the edge of a piece of steel and had 1300 views in 2 days. And I only have 200 subscribers to my channel. If I did a short a day, I’m thinking 10M views wouldn’t be too hard to hit.

As a user, I hate the shorts. None of the suggested ones are from the yters I watch. And if I spend a few minutes swiping through them, my watch history gets destroyed.

That is to say, you are very much at the mercy of the algorithm. If YT suggests them to people, then they will get a bazillion views. I don’t think subs have much to do with the number of views. But if you posted a short a day that each did a decent job of getting clicked and people watched them to the end, then yeah, you would probably explode. 10M in 90d is a lot though.

Hahah I was watching your videos last night as I picked away at dinner.
Thanks for the videos

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Your videos got me started again with my looong sleeping LR2 build now becoming LR3 build. Will subscribe and probably let the videos roll to chime in on the 4000 watch hours.

Followed your plasma build. Cool one :smiley:


Thanks, however, I’ve made an administrative decision to delete my Patreon account. Perhaps instead you could “buy me a cookie” by sending me something via either my account or my paypal account. Below is how I have the description on most of my videos (recently edited to remove references to Patreon):

If you want to support the channel, you can buy me a coffee:

Thank you very much!!


My PayPal tip jar: PayPal.Me

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Roger that Doug! Will do! Thanks again :+1:t2:

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