Yet another off topic: small 3d printed trinkets for game prizes

Hi all!
Sometimes I feel like I’m spamming this topic with all sorts of questions. Take it as a compliment, you guys are my go-to-crowd for everything from water wheels, to home networking and theological and philosophical debates. I try to make it up by sharing my insights and learnings along the way.

Soo - at the moment I’m pondering upon what to 3d print. We are hosting the national holiday festival at the local school this year. Because of that, the parents of every kid in class have to bring 50 ( YES - FIFTY!) small trinkets to use as awards for small lotteries/challanges/competetions. (picture throwing sand bags at tin cans, and such)

I was thinking that I could print a bunch of small and entertaining trinkets. But there’s such a huge amount of stuff out there! I can’t make up my mind on what to go for. It should be resonable small enough to print a bunch of, but still entertaining for the kids.

Any ideas?

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I want to ask the forums everything too. The funniest thing to me is when I can’t find something, I have this urge to ask the forums, “Do any of you remember where I put my heat gun?”.

There were a lot of trinkets at RMRRF. I grabbed one of these (I think it was this model) from the prusa bench:

Print the parts in several colors and then mix and match them. You could have 150 in no time.

Another idea is to make a multi-material print with the school name or logo. Something with a loop to attach to a zipper on a backpack or something. The material change is a bit of a pain, but if you had 17 of them on the bed at once, you could do it with just 3 print jobs.


This one has a clockwise and anticlockwise gears, but you need to connect to a friend to make it work…


They might even have an idea to help you out(having spotted it in a photo somewhere)! :smiley:

Yeah, but I feel exactly the same. Like yesterday, when the trailer for Dune part two came out. I got goosebumps. I was actually close to making a post here about it. When the trailer for part one came out(The one with the Pink Floyd soundtrack, “Eclipse”), I actually shouted out loud in the living room - scaring off my wife…

Thanks for great tips! The school/neighboorhood name with two colors is not a bad idea at all. Filling the plate and having one change is not that bad. Thanks a lot! (I knew I could count on the forum - as always :smiley: )


I made these “bugs” for my daughter’s birthday at 25% Printables and for my other daughter I made those at 35% (they look a little more evil) Printables.


The school will never ask you to bring in a trinket again. :wink:


This one is smaller and louder:


Imagine a room like this:

Fill it with 200 kids, their parents and siblings. And add 50 whistles to the mix :smiley: :smiley:


not sure how popular this is across the pond in the high north, but you could do some Mario Rings: Mario Rings by bigovereasy - Thingiverse

Or some Voronoi Pokémon:
Voronoi Pokemon by sir_indy - Thingiverse (you could also find the low poly Pokémon and print them as well.)

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@turbinbjorn @Tokoloshe @brenavich980 my head already hurts just thinking about kids and those whistles in a gym. Oi!!!

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And a loooot of sugary cakes, ice popsicles, soda and candy!! :exploding_head:

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I remember a funny dialogue in the mid 90ies when I was chatting on irc with people from all over the globe. I was explaining to a guy how it was like in Norway, the location and the landscape. I was connected with a 19200bps modem. The guy was shocked that we had internet at all! Not many people are aware that Norway was the first country outside the US that got access to ARPNET, the predecessor to the internet, in 1973. (20 minutes before England).

Well - we are plagued as the rest of the globe with the same franchises all over. You got me thinking that I could print keyrings with nintendo/lego/star wars/etc logos! Great idea.

@jeffeb3 both the fidget gears and school name/logo are great ideas.

Maybe I’ll check with my son, what he actually thinks is best? Perhaps all of them? I’ll let you know what the judge decides :wink:


I would take these with me as a precaution:



Here’s a shameless spot of self promotion.

Not because I need the downloads, but because I’ve had dozens of emails and private messages (rather than makes) from teachers enclosing photos of rooms full of kids wearing these, and every time I receive one I am completely blown away by them taking their time to show me, and also by the fact that they must be very pleased with the result! (for a total of 120 downloads this model has been printed thousands of times!!) :smiley:

They are not the simplest quickest print, but…

Have fun with whatever it is you decide to do!


What age group do you have to worry about choking hazards ?

Time capsules
Geo cash containers
Sun dials
Pop pop boats
Pull chord helicopters
Flat stock models
Balloon race cars
Bug containers
Chicken arms
Back pack tags
Googly eyes (big ones)
Balloon fart nozzles
Uno card holders

Sounds like fun either way man

I know those pesky Danes claim Harald for their own, but wasn’t Bluetooth (Blåtand) the king of Denmark AND Norway? His is a great story for those interested!

Maybe you could just print some little Bluetooth dongles!

Generally, 3yo and younger. But in reality, even 3yos don’t chew or eat as much stuff as babies. So any school age kids should be fine.


My terrible grammar got the wrong question out.
But you answered it anyway haha


Not so much for the kids, but maybe have a few for parents:


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