Y Home position less then 0

So my home position when I home X and Y is 0,-17 X=0 and Y is -17mm

I entered the y home position in the printer specs as -17, and y min as -17.

So after i click to home Y axis then try to move the y axis it grinds trying to move the specified distance in the wrong direction against the end stop. The very next time I try to move Y it responds as normal. Not sure if I explained that in a way that makes sense… So if I did these actions in this order this is what I would end up with

Home Y
Y 5
Y 5
It would show on the screen that Y was at 10 but is actually at 5

I do not understand why it is trying to move in the wrong direction the first command after homing Y. Any thoughts?

Why is your home a negative number? Home is/should be 0, and your material sounds like it is mounted and 17, 17.

Essentially I want to use the corner of my spoilboard as 0x0. One axis is lined up correctly the other is not (mistake when I bolted down my spoilboard)So from 0,0 the spoilboard is 17mm so I wanted to offset my home by 17mm like my 3d printer is. the home on my x axis on my 3d printer is -38mm.

crap I just looked at how my print is setup… X min is -38 and home is 0. ugh… i thought i looked at it properly. I will try Home 0 and min as -17