XY_J_Burly weight

Just printed the XY_J_Burly part and it weighs 148 grams. It’s listed on the spreadsheet as 200 grams. I do want my Burly parts to be Burly but not sure I can add 50 grams. Is the spreadsheet correct for this part?

What kind of infill did you use? It calls for 55%. Is this the only part that didn’t come close?

I used Cura 4…x using the standard infill at 55%. Cura estimates the weight at about 150 grams and the printed part weighs about 145 grams. I’ll check tomorrow and make sure my numbers are correct. The other parts I have printed so far are all in the ballpark of the spreadsheet numbers.

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I saw some differences in weights of my prints to the spreadsheet as well. Ender 3. Cura, and I generally added 5-10 % to the infill. I only weighed one or two of the bigger parts when I realized my filament was lasting longer than the spreadsheet would have predicted.

Parts will almost always be different weights. Depending on what the filament manufacturer cuts the resin with it will have a different density. Different printers will have different extrusion widths. Different slicers calculate the infill patterns and paths differently. No one is actually using calibrated scales…

But being off by 33% is pretty far off. I am not too worried about your part, but it seems like a mistake was made somewhere. I know Ryan uses 0.25mm or so layer height. I have also read several places that the number of perimeters matters more than infill, so I would make sure those match. I think 3 shells and 6 top/bottom layers is what I use on functional parts.

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FWIW: My Burly parts (3 perimeters, and the suggested infill %) came in 14% underweight on average vs. Ryan’s numbers. The XY_J_Burly parts in particular were on the lighter side and both came in at ~138g/ea (31% underweight).

I checked the slicer settings again this morning using Cura 4.4. Using 100% infill Cura reports 210 grams so I’m guessing the spreadsheet might be wrong for this part. One interesting discovery is that the type of infill does make a fairly big difference in the reported weight. I tried several types (in the slicer) and for 65% infill the reported weights varied from 148 to 169 grams. In any case my part appears fairly strong using 3 perimeters and 55% grid infill so I’ll go ahead and use it.

That is one thing that I missed.

There are some steep walls so no more than 75% layer height to nozzle diameter, no support should be needed for any part I have designed.

That requires math so I skipped it. Bad habit of mine.