X Axis Homing issue

Hi All -
I have an issue where one of the motors is not moving during homing X. The homing process fails due to only one Turning and the axis movement getting stuck.

If I move the axis with the Rambo commands, both motors turn as expected and both turn as expected if I do a print job. Issue only appears to be during home process. Hoping someone has experienced this and recommend a neat step. Thank You, Jeff

Your issue is consistent with a switch or wiring issue. Assuming you are using the V1 maintained firmware, it expects normally closed switches. If the switch was not functioning, or more likely there was a break in the wire somewhere, that motor would think it was already homed and not move. You would only see this issue when homing since that is the only time the firmware looks at the switches.

The M119 g-code will report what Marlin is seeing wrt endstop states.

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Thank you Robert, you were right on, found that one of the homing switches was disconnected.