X Axis homing failure


I have a dual endstop Rambo setup, recently I built an enclosure to contain the noise a bit more but have not changed any part of the wiring or setup so far. At every major step of the project I powered up the Rambo and made sure everything is ok, and just before I called it a day I found that my homing sequence isn’t working correctly.

I have successfully used this machine several times and the Y/Z axis seem to be fine but when I home everything, motor X1 (closest to me when looking at the machine) doesn’t move and grinds the belt, I can move the X axis in the UI perfectly fine and the motor locks up when it is made to move which makes me think the motor and connection is fine, but I’m not sure where to start troubleshooting.

I have dual endstop marlin firmware



Have you verified the endstops with M119? Especially that X1 endstop is being triggered by the X1 endstop?

First the grinding noise is not grinding the belt. The noise is coming from the stepper motor, and it is not destructive.

As for the behavior, my guess is the issue is that X2 endstop is triggered, stopping its movement. The X1 then tries to move, but cannot. As Jeff suggests, M119 is the place to start, and the issue is likely a break in the wiring to the X2 endstop switch.

Thanks Rob+Jeff

turns out it was the endstop connection, I just couldn’t see that being the issue at first because I’m still learning the ropes!

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