X and Y series wiring troubles

I am struggling getting the series wiring correct. Both Y motors jump back and forth, not synchronized when using the smart controller advancing 10 mm each move all in the positive direction. Same problem when I tried this on the X axis. I have reversed connections without success.

  1. I bought the RAMBO 1.4 and series wiring kit from here. I bought the motors from Amazon, 17HS19-2004S1.
    I have the RAMBO 1.4 kit, MPCNC813FullRAmbo_GLCD_T8 –16T Pulleys, T8 Leadscrew, Full Graphic LCD, with end stops (not connected yet)
  2. I planed to use end stops, but they are not connected yet, but wire NC
  3. PC windows 10
    I uploaded a YouTube video,
    Photos attached of wiring.
    Insight or help would be appreciated.





I can’t tell what is really going on with the connections. I can say do not trust the picture that labels the pairs by wire color. If you bought steppers without a plug on them you have to test them yourself.


This is very easy, disconnect everything, on the stepper wires connect two of them and turn it by hand. If it get harder to turn it is a pair.


For reference the pairs on my plugs are in order 1-1-a-a


I have bought a few different steppers for different things, like Ryan said the diagram sometimes isnt correct, especially on some cheaper Chinese made ones, I just stuck my meter on the wires and found the pairs, a pair will give you a circuit, I do this to check steppers before using them aswell.


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Thank you. I have established that black/green and red/blue are pairs. I have seen several different references for the pairs, so I hope the attached illustrates what you described 1 1 a a. If so, I will send a better photo of the motors connected to your series harness for verification.


That is not correct if you are using the series kit, https://vicious1-com.myshopify.com/collections/parts/products/wiring-kit-1

Or I am unclear to what that diagram actually means.

That is what is coming off the motors, or is that not what you mean by 1 1 a a? If not, I might be confused by what 1 1 a a. My apologies if I am confused.

Send an overhead picture, a big one, the last few were thumbnails.

Don’t worry it is a difficult thing to describe that is why I don’t have any documentation. The colors really confuse things so I can not use pictures or everyone just tries to match the colors. It is extra hard for you as you don’t have pre-wired steppers to just plug them in, then there are only 2 ways to try.

Thanks. The first time I tried it without your kit and got similar results, So I got your kit thinking it was probably something simple I was missing. I first tried it with the X axis with the same results I am getting now with the Y, so it is set up in a temporary mode, wires strung across the unit. It is not pretty, but I will send what I have around the 4th or 5th when I have more time to focus on it. I will also try and wrap my head around the the wiring scheme without colors.
I have seen them labeled as A+, A-, B+, B-; 1,2,A,B; A1, A2, B1, B2 and yours 1,1,a,a. If yours is indeed the same labeling as the others. If not, I hope you can explain. I also attached some other configurations I have found trying to figure the schematic out.




I am more interested in what steppers are actually plugged into what. You pictures are correct and my harness is correct but I can not tell from your pictures if that is how you actually have it wired, they are covered in tape and are just a bundle of wires.

You are using X1 and X2, and not X1 and Y1? In the next video can you show all the steppers at once or at least both on the same axis.

The labels and polarity do not matter, just coils. If you get coils right the only difference is direction. everything will still work. This is for one axis X1 and X2.

I double check your steppers, they are listed as this.

[attachment file=“IMG_20180701_165229~2.jpg”]