Wrong feet

First a big thank you to Ryan and forum contributors.

Ryan I think you have the wrong feet in the 25.4 set.
They measure 25.4 in the stl file and print out at 25mm, all other parts that I have measured are 25.8.
They have a “J” on them.
I can still use them, I put them on the multi fuel stove for 1/2hr and they will then go on the tube, once cooled they are OK.


J is correct. Loosing 0.4mm is more than usual but it can still work, make sure to sand or file the edge of the legs and insert them before putting in any hardware. The good thing about them going on tight is you should not have to do much tensioning with the screws.



I didn’t want to clutter the post with to much detail, a bit of background.
I first saw the MPCNC about 6 months ago, I really fancied building it but no 3d Printer and I didn’t know anyone that had one, shipping from the US to UK was a no no for me, having got a quote for printing the parts it was not that far off the price of a 3d printer so I bit the bullet.

I now have a Wanhao D i3 Plus, steep learning curve, the step/mm were set wrong at the factory, it now prints very close to size in xyz but I was not aware that printers tend to print undersized holes.

I could put the feet in the milling machine and take a skim off the bore.

I have printed the Lock Corners and they are too size

Thanks again,

The parts have the printer tolerances factored in. The feet are the tightest part, but they really should fit. If you are having that big of an issue just reprint them over sized by 1-2%, couple penny’s worth of plastic instead of machining conduit. The feet are the only thing that can be scaled.