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I have a wobbly chuck. And just cannot see which part is the culprit.
I have a Katsu trimmer, which seems to run fine, and I don’t think it is the part of the chuck actually on the router/trimmer.
I have had a NIGHTMARE finding parts to actually get a 3.2mm bit to fit this thing. My horrific arrangement is shown in the attached picture.
But, when everything is lose, the wobble just isn’t there. As you tighten the nuts, it introduces a slight wobble.

I don’t have any fancy measuring kit… so the best I can do is the photos of the chuck against the line drawn behind it. BUT… that makes it look way worse than it actually is. I would say it wobbles 0.5mm.

Anyone else had issues. Better options?
It’s literally taken me as long to find parts for this chuck as to build the whole damn thing.

My suspicions are either, the taper inside the chuck isn’t perfect. However, if you run the router slowly and run a piece of metal up and down the taper, it doesn’t feel like it runs out (if you indeed, could feel it - which I think you could).

Other suspicions are the holes in the nuts of both the router and the ER11A converter.

I don’t think its the ER11A, as a drill bit tightened directly into the router/trimmer appears to have the wobble. But, when it’s tight, the nut on the end of the ER11A doesn’t seem to sit flat, it develops a kinda toppling/wobble.


The ideal situation is to find a replacement colette in the correct size for your router. You might want to check elaire, I love the stuff I get from them.

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Well I have had a nightmare finding any parts to be honest.
When I did find parts… they never arrived (not China either).
Almost at the point of bailing on the actual Router/Trimmer and starting again (but that means even more damn 3d printing).

Might have solved it. Didn’t realise the 3.2mm collet has to ‘snap’ into the nut before you use it.
Seems a bit better. Will try tomorrow.

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Nope. Still wobbles.
Cannot find an 8mm shaft to 3.2mm collet without multiple conversion.
Not spending any more on it at the moment.
Maybe a revisit in the new year

Well you should be able to find a source of endmill’s that fit you routers collet, thicker shanks are more expensive but you can get them.

Not had much luck looking around.
Doesn’t seem much point building a ‘budget’ CNC, and then spending huge amounts on bespoke bits (that I will probably break during learning).
Regret the Katsu trimmer/router now, but then replacing that means re-designing and printing new mounting shoes (including the vacuum) etc.
Will probably step back, play around using the wobbly bits and see where it heads.

Is it me, or is that hole in the collet nut not central… culprit I believe

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Yeah that looks suspect. You get what you pay for with these things.