Windows 10 or Windows 11

I use a Macbook but for my fun CNC, modeling, 3D printing etc I use a Windows console.
Asking the smartest folks I know is to time to upgrade to Windows 11? I keep getting prompted?


Following along. I have too much mission-critical software right now to chance it unless someone says everything works.

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So i was just talking kinda about this with my co worker. What i was talking about is something needs to give. Right now windows 11 will not work on anything without a tpm. I myself am staying windows 10 not by choice but because of hardware. (i use all old hardware i repair). Somehow i think they will need to keep win 10 or create a module for tpm. Usb pci something. I am really considering linux more and more to use wine. Otherwise soon my older pcs are going to be junk. Also I have not found any problems with upgrading to 11 and software not running.

I did some evaluation of Windows 11.

So far, no major incompatabilities noted, but my critical machines have not been upgraded.

I bought a nrw PC specifically to test, and so far so good. I haven’t gotten to CAD/CAM yet, too busy with the stuff that pays the mortgage to get to the stuff I do for fun.

I’m not a fan of moving the “start” button to center the taksbar. Maybe it looks nice, but it’s more time that I need to be looking at the screen when moving the mouse. I can gwt to most common start menu tasks without in 10 (and 7 before that. – 8 was/is an abomination.)

There are a few software packages that I feel need better linux support, but they are getting there, so Linux is becoming a real contender for desktop machines.

If there is not a clear and pressing reason to upgrade, I’d hold off, but that’s my nature. I don’t like to be on the “bleeding edge” of anything, I much preffer other people work out the problems before I have to deal with them.

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I just built my wife a new computer and ended up putting 11 on it. For my limited use of it i didn’t care for a few things but also didn’t have any time to get used to them either. Several things take multiple clicks now instead of just being there. But everything i installed on it went no problem. Funny thing I just ran across this video today…might be of some help…


I have been using Windows 11 since release (on an unsupported CPU even) and for me it fixed some problems my computer had, like not wanting to wake up from sleep. Also, AutoCAD, Fusion 360 and Estlcam do not make any problems with it, it’s all smooth sailing. :slight_smile:

You can change it to be on the left, but I got used to it, it’s a lot better to reach.

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Thank you to all. Good feedback.

I was concerned there would a rousing “NO DO NOT DO IT,”

But for my level I’ll give it a try. In the past I resist some changes to change the look back but always try to at least try a new look.


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I really like the new layout of the user interface of win11. It’s less cluttered, more intuitively organized and makes sense - more like Linux and macos.

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Both my windows machines are 11, no issues with our normally used software.


I am still on Windows 10 on my 3 units.

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Whoa, Barry I would not have guess that. I would figure you have a dedicated machine or VM to poke at the new stuff but all daily stuff on 10. Cool. I might have to let me laptop update.

What, no votes for 98 or Vista?

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Windows 2000 pro is still the best.


Of all the OSes Microsoft has released, the one they made in the misty depths of Redmond to bind them all and control them was ME… :eye_of_sauron: :mount_doom: :barad_dur: :isengard:

AFAIK…Win11 is still the same as Win10 under the hood. It was more of the user interface that was changed. I upgraded my laptop over a year ago and have had no issues. I have not been able to upgrade my desktop that I built due to the TPM and processor. In researching this, you still CAN do the upgrade on the older models, but you have to do it yourself (not through Win Update), and you won’t be supported through the Win Update app. So you would have to go and download all the updates from the MS site and manually install them. Otherwise, it should have no issues being ran on the older PCs. Just some more food for thought for all of you!


TPM can usually be enabled in the BIOS, your computer has to be really old to not support it. The check for the processor can be disabled, that’s what I did. :slight_smile:

Not true, I get all the Updates. :smiley:


The surface tablets didn’t have it until recently.

This is true, but my MB has a spot for a chip I have to install. The one on there says TMP is active in the BIOS, but the Windows Update Checker says it isn’t. :man_shrugging: (UPDATE: I looked at my system again, and I have TPM 1.2, Win11 needs TPM 2.0.) With that being said I have to order the new TPM module, and is currently $31-ish bucks on the egg of newness. Maybe I will and see if I can get it to work. The last one I ordered didn’t and I lost $10 on the return.

Nice to know you are still getting the updates. This really makes me tempted to get the newer TPM module. I, like may others, am lazy, and don’t see myself checking monthly for the latest updates and installing them.

A cheap motherboard is like 70€ and you know it will work, isn’t it? Might be worth it if you really wanted to upgrade and not tinker with it.

True, a new MB is not too expensive, but it doesn’t beat the “free” that I got the current one. And the TPM chip isn’t too hard to replace. I have a SuperMicro MB that has dual Xeon E5 processors and 128GB of RAM. This thing is a bit dated, but is still a beast! I have my own HDD that I put in it, and all I had to do was buy a case and new power supply. I think I have around $300 into it right now ($100 for the case and $200 for the PS). I forget what graphics card I have, but I believe it is of the NVIDIA Quadro type. Not as fast as the RTX-type gaming cards, but I am not doing any of that. Just using it with the design stuff (V-Carve, Carbide Create, Inkscape) and I am sure all of that is a bit overkill, but again, I got most of it at a 5-finger discount (and no I didn’t actually steal it)!!

So all in all, another $31.00 isn’t going to break me on this…I just have other priorities at the moment that I want to spend the money on. Trying to convince my better (and probably saner) half to let me split the cost of a sawmill with a friend of mine. Still waiting on an answer on that one!

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