Where to Start with wiring on Lowrider 2

Is there an all in one place for my specific hardware?

I have Rambo 1.4a, and a full graphic smart controller. This is for a Lowrider 2 that I have built, but not wired yet.

Hard to find info for this older gen system and I’m struggling. I’m not new to CNCs or 3D printers, but I’m a beginner when it comes to boards and wiring. Any help is appreciated!

Firmware and wiring wise the LR2 and LR3 are identical. Well, maybe except for the electronics box and wire runs. You can get the lastest from the Marlinbuilder Releases page.

The LR2 does not, by default, have end stops. They can be added, of course, but implementation is up to you.

If you choose not to implement end stops, you can still use the same firmware, or you can choose series wiring and use only the 3 channels.
Information for series wiring is in the archive section there, but personally, I would use the LR3 firmware and wire it up using all 5 drivers.

Aside from that, the locations of the Y and Z steppers is slightly different but ypu ahould be able to figure that out. The major difference when wiring is that the LR2 needs to allow the X and Z motors to rise relative to the Y plate (where electronics are usually mounted) where the LR3 has to allow for the Y and Z motors to lower from the beam where the electronics are usually mounted.

Feel free to ask more specific questions.